Monday, October 8, 2012


So we have had handfuls of new Moda lines come in to our shop over the past couple weeks, and it's time for us to give some of it away!  This will be very simple - all you have to do to enter is tell us what your 3 favorite items are on our website, and two winners will win one of their favorite items! 

This giveaway will end Friday night.

Click here to visit our shop!

Also, be sure to check out our Jelly Rolls - they're all on clearance for $26.95!!!


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Amanda @ BedTime Quilting said...

I'm in for a giveaway!

In no particular order are my top picks:

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Cuzco by Kate Spain

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - ABC 123 by American Jane

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Seascape Bundle, Kissing Booth Bundle, Mod Century Bundle - thank you for such a generous give away

Four dogs and one quilter said...

I love your fat quarter bundles: Flirt, KIssing Booth, and Mod Century are my three choices. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Brooke @ little b quilts said...

Oooh, Cherry Christmas jelly roll, Marmalade FQ bundle, Sew Stitchy FQ bundle :-D


gale said...

That's a tough choice! I think my favorites would be the Marmalade fat quarter bundle, the Simple Life fat quarter bundle, and the Flirt fat quarter bundle.

Kelli said...

Wow! What an awesome giveaway. I'm loving the Oh Deer, Marmalade, & the Mod Century FQ bundles!

Sharon said...

So much wonderful stuff to choose from but, FQB Marmelade or FQB Oh Deer or Layer Cake Sew Stitchy or The Simple Life. Thanks so much for your generosity.

The Woolen Cellar said...

My first choice would be Marmalade! It is beautiful. I also live Old Glory and Harvest Moon. Thanks so much for a chance to win these lovely fabrics.

mgshaw said...

I Love Metropolitan Fair Layer Cake, Metropolitan fair Jelly roll and the So-Fine mushroom thread! Thanks for the giveaway!

Carla said...

I would love to use the Morris Apprentice for a beautiful bed quilt, so would need fat quarters.
Brackman's Metropolitan Fair in fat eighths would make a really nice throw for our couch.
A baby quilt from the Cuzco cake layers would be fun to sew.
Thanks for the giveaway, Judi!

B Greene said...

My three favorites are all FQ bundles:

- Oh Deer
- Sew Stitchy
- Cuzco

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

DianeY said...

Mod Century has me really intrigued. Also Cuzco & Marmalade. And I always love the flexibility of fat quarters!

CJ said...

3 Faves items right this minute;
The Simple Life Fat Qtr Bundle
Kissing Booth Fat Eighth Bundle
Oh Deer Jelly roll

Christina said...

I love the colors in the Flirt line, Bungle Jungle and Grow with Me are really cute!
Thank you for the chance to win!

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

Definitely hard to choose. Too many of them.. I can spend ages of time just browsing and falling in love.. If only I have more cash..
Anyway my favourite has to be :
1)Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Collections Warmth by Howard Marcus

2)Moda Fat Eighth Bundle - Kissing Booth by Basic Grey

and super cute

3)Moda Jelly Roll - Flirt by Sandy Gervais..

Emma said...

My favourite would be the Marmalade flannel layer cake, the Simply colour jelly roll or the Cuzco layer cake

Rebecca said...

My favourite items are the Super Star FQB, the Collections Warmth quilt kit, and the Bella solids color jelly roll.

corina said...
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corina said...

The first one to shout out to me is Shaded Oaks FQ bundle(we had our first touch of snow over the weekend - definitely flannel season!). Love the FQ bundle Everlastings and most all Sandy Gervais fabrics. Finally there is Double Chocolate FQ bundle, loving the light blues with red! You really carry a gorgeous collection of fabrics, I would make room for any of them!

Karen said...

It is so hard to choose from all the lovely goodies. My final choices - just for this minute - are Seascape layer cake, Ocean View FQ bundle and Marbles Citrus jelly roll. Al are totally delicious!

Dawn said...

Well this is easy! I've been waiting for Flirt so that is topping my list, than a layer cake of Coquette and a FQ bundle of Cuzco.

jofridsquilt said...

I like the Simple Life Fat Qtr Bundle
Kissing Booth Fat Eighth Bundle
Moda Jelly Roll - Flirt by Sandy Gervais- Thanks. Jofrid

Carrie Siegfried said...

I really like Flirt, and Kissing Booth, which I just saw for the first time, as well as Sew Stitchy. Thanks for the giveaway!

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

oh such wonderful lines...No particular order, Jelly Roll Eat your Fruit & Veggies(Pat Sloan) FQ Bundle Kissing Booth (Basic Grey)FQ Bundle Trails End(Holly Taylor)

CathyK said...

My three choices are: Flirt Layer Cake, Simply Color Jelly Roll, and Cuzco Fat Quarter Bundle. Thank you for the chance at such a generous giveaway!

Lindsay@fortheloveofcotton said...

This is an incredibly hard decision. I think my favorites today(because they will probably change tomorrow)are the Marmalade, Super Star, or Oh Deer fat quarter bundles. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Julie said...

I love jelly rolls. My current favorites are Dancing in the Rain by Laundry Basket Quilts, Holiday Medley by Kansas Troubles, and Flirt by Sandy Gervais.

Thanks so much!

Just Sew Sue said...

All of the variety of pre-cuts from Flirt, Cherry Xmas and Simply Color.

Hilachas said...

What a generous giveaway you're having. I particularly like the Moda FQ bundle Cuzco, the fat 8th bundle Oh Deer, and the Quilt Kit called Good Morning. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Christine M said...

So many lovely things to choose from! I love the Marmalade, Flirt and Sew Stitchy fat quarter bundles. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Pat V. said...

Wow, it's hard to pick just three! I love the Simply Color FQ bundle, Cuzco layer cake and the leaf green Bella Solid jelly roll.

BTW, this is a totally awesome giveaway!

BarefootThunder said...

very hard to pick three.
Bella Solids Colors jelly roll
Mod Century FQ bundle
Trails End FQ bundle
thanks for the opportunity :)

quiltzyx said...

Gritting my teeth, and in random order, my picks are:

Moda Over the Rainbow Batiks Charm Pack

Moda Jelly Roll - Bella Solids Snow

Moda Jelly Roll - Eat Your Fruits n' Veggies Batiks by Pat Sloan

Thanks for the chance!

Martina said...

Very hard! I love the fat eight bundle Cinnamon Spice, the jelly roll Simple Marks and the FQ bundle Share the joy.
Thanks so much!

HeatherK @ A Reformed Heath'n said...

My 3 favorites are the Marmalade FQ bundle, anything Metropolitan Fair and the Kasuri Charm pack. Awesome giveaway--Thanks!!

Sunnybec said...

Marmalade,Windsor Lane - not sure what colour yet (because I just found out I am going to be a Great Great Aunt OMG) and Cherry Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway.

Béa said...

Cinnamon Spice, Kissing Booth and Marmalade Bundles are my favorites. Thanks for the chance.

Leeanne said...

Scrumolisous!! Harvest Moon Layer Cake, Double Chocolat fat 1/4 bundle & Dancing in the rain jelly roll.....thanks for sharing!

janequiltsslowly said...

Wow thanks for such a cool giveaway! My 3 picks are:
Juggling Summer by Zen Chick Fat Quarter Bundle
Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey Fat Quarter Bundle
Cuzco by Kate Spain Fat Quarter Bundle

Hildy said...

Hard choice but I think Marmalde FQ Bundle, Flirt FQ Bundle and Sew Stitchy FQ Bundle! Thanks for the chance to win, I love your shop and greetings from germany, Hildy

Kathy MacKie said...

Giveaway time-wahoo. I love the fat Quarter Bundles-Flirt by Sandy Gervais, Marmalade Flannels by Bonnie and Camille and anything by Laundry Basket Quilts - Dancing In The Rain.

mary mahoo said...

I love (in no particular order) Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - The Morris Apprentice by Barbara Brackman (gorgeous!), Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Share The Joy by Deb Strain and Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey. Thanks for the chance to win.

charlotte said...

Oh wow! I love the Kissing Booth bundle, the Marmalade bundle and the Oh Deer bundle. All of them are great. Thanks for the giveaway.

Tanyusha said...

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Trails End by Holly Taylor
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Winter Elegance by Sentimental Studios

Suzette said...

It's so hard to choose! The top 3 on my wish list right now are:
1.Holiday in Kashmir FQ bundle 2.Marmalade Jelly Roll
3.Cuzco Layer Cake

Three Birds Inspired said...

Love Cuzco and a FQ bundle would be terrific. A Marmalade layer cake would be my second choice and third would be a FQ bundle of Dancing in the Rain Batiks. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so generous!

1. Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey

2. Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Flirt by Sandy Gervais

3. Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Cuzco by Kate Spain

These are my absolute favorite lines right now, in your shop. I've been eyeing Sew Stitchy for a long while. It's so cute! =)

Have a beautiful day!

Unknown said...

Fun, fun! But list only 3 favorites? I love all of it! But I'll give it a go!
Bits & Pieces Fat Quarter Bundle by Kathy Schmitz
Cinnamon Spice fat quarter bundle by Blackbird Designs
Trails End fat quarter bundle by Holly Taylor

Love Marmalade too but I guess I'm in a mood for more fall/winter colors right now!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Sharon said...

I like the layer cakes. My favorites are flirt, hooky jolly and marmalade

Marilyn Popplewell said...

Great choices hard to pick just three. But since I have to pick three:
1. Cherry Christmas - Jelly roll - Aneela Hoey
2. Cuzco layer cakes - Kate Spain
3. Marmalade - Bonnie & Camille Fat quarter bundle.
Blessings to you.

Jackie's Stitches said...

My current favorites are:
Sew Stitchy FQ Bundle
Marmalade FQ Bundle
Flirt FQ Bundle
Love your shop!

Donna said...

My favorites are -
Cinnamon Spice - Blackbird Designs
Double Chocolate - 3 Sisters
Metropolitan - Barbara Brackman

Gene Black said...
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Gene Black said...

My Favorites are:
Bella Solids Colors FQ Bundle
Dancing in the Rain batiks FQ Bundle
Eat your Fruits and Veggies batiks FQ Bundle

(all are FQ bundles because I got lost on that page )

Cindy said...

Thanks for the opportunity!
In any precut size:
Sew Stichy


Unknown said...

What fun a chance! I love Morris Apprentice and the hand bag pattern, so many wonderful things for a wish list.

Sarah Craig said...

It's hard to pick a favorite (or even three!) but my top pics would probably be the Cuzco FQ bundle, the Seascape FQ bundle, and the Sew Stitchy FQ bundle!

noodledogknits said...

I think Flirt is adorable, particularly in a charm pack, because I can see a sweet girl with a patchwork quilt all snuggled up in February.
I think Kissing Booth comes next, as a FQ Bundle, to make small items for friends around that time of year. Classy, but still bright and pink!
And lastly, Windsor in a FQ bundle for details on a bed. I love the fanfare in pastels.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like a lot more than 3, but my favorites right now are
jelly roll - Flirt
FQbundles - Dancing in the Rain & Simple Life

Mommarock said...

Could certainly spend all day looking!
Moda Merry Medley fat quarter Bundle by Sandy Gervais
Moda Fellowship by Brannock & Patek
Moda Flirt by Sandy Gervais

quilting/fitness said...

flirt fqb
eat your fruits and veggies batiks jelly roll
cuzco layer cake
thanks diana y.

Melissa said...

I'm loving the FQ bundles: Oh Deer, Marmalade, and Cuzco!

And I'm going to have to buy some jelly rolls while I'm at it!

Ellyn said...

loving Simple Marks and Cuzco right now! a fat quarter bundle of either would make my week! (or a layer cake of Simple marks!)

Dana Gaffney said...

Oh fun, My favoites are:
Fat Quarter Bundle of Flirt by Sandy Gervais,
Fat Quarter Bundle of Bungle Jungle by Tim and Beck
The Moda Blitzen Quilt Kit.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Well, that was 30 minutes that I'll never get back, but LOVED checking out all of the new stuff!

The Morris Apprentice, Flirt and Sakura Park were my top three lines that you (will) have. And I would be appreciative for anything that you like to send me. Thanks for the fun!!

Malia said...

Any bundle of Flirt, Oh Deer and Simply Color!

Marci said...

Love fat quarters! Who can choose only 3? Dancing in the Rain, Double Chocolate & Fellowship! Super generous giveaway opportunity! Thanks, much!

Kelly said...

I love the Oh Deer FQ bundle! I just love those prints!
Second would be the Flirt layer cake.
And my third fave is the Tapestry layer cake - I can't pass up big flowery prints!

Anonymous said...

Flirt, Oh Deer, and Marmalade fabrics in all cuts! :) Beautiful choices!

Cheryl said...

I love your store and just ordered a marmalade layer cake for you.
If I got to pick my next 3 favorites they would be:

The marmalade fat quarter bundle

The Oh deer fat quarter bundle

Cherry Christmas jelly roll

Lori said...

Anything in the Flirt or Enchanted Garden lines and I love Bela solids.

Jodie said...

I love giveaways, thanks for the chance to win. My favorite would have to be.. love Flirt, Marmalade, and The Simply Life.

Pink Ribbon Quilts said...

I am loving the Flirt FQB so much!!! Also have my eye on Warmth and Kissing Booth, thanks for the opportunity.

Ramona said...

You are so generous. I love Kissing Booth, the Cuzco layer cake, and the Morris Apprentice in the fat eights. But the two things I most love about your site and your prices and your fabulous quilting! You are awesome!

onlymehere said...

I have a jelly roll pattern just waiting to be made up so I looked over your jelly rolls...more than once! I like the Bella solids in egg blue and neutral and I think they would match the "Flirt" jelly roll by Sandy Gervais. I seem to be drawn to her lines. Love the colors in it. Guess I love those three best but you have many more beautiful fabrics to choose from.

Dorian said...

What a generous giveaway! I really like the Moda marbles-bella solids FQ, Simple color jelly roll, and the Sew stitchy FQ. Thank you!

Lindsay said...

I like the
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Oh Deer by MoMo
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Cuzco by Kate Spain
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Grow With Me (BRUSHED) by Deb Strain

Karen said...

Me wants it all!
I think Seascapes is lovely and a charm pack would be great for a table topper. Or just a frame type block.
I think Kissing Booth is adorable and a jelly roll of that would be nice. Actually I may just buy that since it is on sale.
Since all your Tapestry is out of stock :( I think a flannel bundle of Marmalade.

gpc said...

Oh my gosh -- there are no bad choices! I'd pick seascape fat quarter, trail's end fat quarter and kissing booth jelly roll. What a fun fantasy game to play -- like imagining what I'd do if I won the lottery, lol!

Quilting Babcia said...

A sweet and generous giveaway. So many collections to love, but here are a few of my favorites:
Dancing in the Rain - Laundry Basket Quilts
Morris Apprentice - Barbara Brackman
Metropolitan Fair - Barbara Brackman
Anything from one of these collections would be wonderful!

Sandi K. said...

I love your shop! Stocked up on some great Layer Cakes just recently from you :) My 3 favorites right now would be Kate Spain's Cuzco, Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille, and I'm really liking Flirt by Sandy Gervais. Thanks for the chance!

Marie said...

My favorite items in your shop is:
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Collections Warmth by Howard Marcus

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - The Morris Apprentice by Barbara Brackman

Moda Jelly Roll - Everlastings by Sandy Gervais

Please - pick me!!!

Melia Mae Quilting said...

I must say I definitely love your shop and have bought several items from you already. My favorite item in the shop is Riley Black Fat Quarter Bundle - Super Star, my next picks would be Moda Jelly Roll in Simple Marks and Moda Jelly Roll in Simply Color by V & Co. Hopefully you pick me I am going to make a quilt to donate for my kids school with it in their school auction!

Deb said...

It;s not easy to choose because there are some many lovely fabrics there, but my favorites are:

Fat Quarter Bundle - Cuzco
Fat Quarter Bundle - Double Chocolat
Fat Quarter Bundle - Mod Century

Thanks for the chance to win!

Deb S.

Average Quilter said...

Bits & Pieces by Kathy Schmitz
Collections Warmth by Howard Marcus
and my favorite is
Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey

jlk said...

You have fabulous stuff -- I love the Simple Life fat quarter bundle, the Super Star fq bundle, and the Dear Mr Claus layer cake.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Hi Judi, Thanks for a chance to win some yummy quilting treasure! My three favorite items are all Fat quarter bundles, Marmalade, Cinnamon Spice, and Double Chocolate! Thanks again and Good Luck to Everyone!!! Hugs...

Lori said...

I love the Marmalade FQ bundle, the Sew Stitchy FQ bundle and the Oh Deer FQ bundle!

Johanna said...

I love Trails End, Holly Taylor is a favorite! Sew Stitchy, and of course Cuzco too. I think that the fat quarter bundles are great and I love layer cakes too! I am always amazed how far a 10 inch square goes!

Diana Pike said...

Yeah, a giveaway! I love your shop and hope I win. My three favs are Flirt fat quarter, Marmalade fat quarter and the Simple Life fat quarter. I have bought a lot of charms and jelley rolls from you but never a fat quarter......time for something new!

Deb said...

I love everything! :o) But my three favorites are

Double Chocolate Fat Quarter Bunder by 3 Sisters

Collections Warmth by Howard Marcus

Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs!

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Crescent Moon Mama said...

I'm on a Moda kick right now so my three favorites ar
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Oh Deer by MoMo (so cute!)

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Cuzco by Kate Spain (the colors!)

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Bella Solids Colors (what's not to like??)

Petit Design Co. said...

Loving the bundles of Flirt, Marmalade and Cuzco

Kelsey said...

My favorites are: Dear Mr Claus Layer Cake, The Simple Life FQ bundle and the Sew Stitchy FQ bundle!

janice said...

So many choices! My favs are:

Dear Mr Claus jelly roll

Marmalade fat quarter bundle

Christmas Spirit Brushed fat quarter bundle.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Melinda said...

Loving the Fat Eighth bundle of Little Black Dress, the Kissing Booth Layer cake and the Odds & Ends jelly roll!

Erin P. said...

I honestly have to say that I think my favorite is the flirt but I also like sew stitchy, oh deer, and kissing booth. I know that is four but I just couldn't narrow it to three choices.

giddy99 said...

Wow, choosing just 3 is difficult, but in a pinch, I'd say:

1. Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Cuzco by Kate Spain
2. Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Mod Century by Jenn Ski
3. Moda Jelly Roll - Dear Mr Claus by Cosmo Cricket

Thanks for the chance!

Tracy said...

My favorite things are the jelly roll selection, the vanishing purple markers and So Fine thread by Superior. I always like looking at the new things you have coming in, oops! thats four.

Laurel said...

I loved browsing your shop. My favorites were:

Moda Quilt Kit - Fellowship Table Runner

Marmalade Layer Cake

Double Chocolat fat quarter bundle

Jacqueline said...

You are so generous..

I do more with fq than jelly rolls but am up for either;;;

my 3 fabric picks would be:

Cinnamon Spice
Double Chocolat

thanks for a chance

CountryBelle said...

In no particular order:
Cuzco layer cake by Kate Spain, Marmalade Flannels by Bonnie and Camille, and Riley Blake's Fat quarter bundle Fox Trails!
It was very hard to narrow down, such a lovely shop!!!!

Kathleen said...

thanks for the giveaway...

Moda FQ Bundle-solids
Moda Jelly Roll - solids
Moda charm pack-natural

tsimshiangoddess said...

I love the Flirt fat quarter bundle! Growing up and even into adulthood my nickname has always been Flirtie Gertie, so its a natural fit for me. :)

I love the Flirt jelly roll too!

I love the Moda Jelly Roll - Marbles Citrus, its so bright & cheery!

Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

Quilt Kitty said...

1. Oh love those marmalade flannels by Bonnie & Camille! The pattern used it the quilt kit shows it off wonderfully.

2. The Cherry Christmas Jelly Roll by Aneela Hoey for Moda. Very cute!

3. Dear Mr Claus Layer Cake by Cosmo Cricket for Moda - great traditional colours with modern patterns. I must be getting in a festive mood!

Anonymous said...

I love following your blog - your quilting is such an inspiration to me! You are truly one talented longarm quilter! Thanks for the giveaway, I love fat quarter bundles for the variety they give me! I love Double Chocolat by 3 Sisters, Fellowship by Brannock & Patek and Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

wow...only 3 favourites??? Tough one!!
But ok..
Cinnamon Spice and Marmalade Bundles.
and Double Chocolate! (these all sound so yummy !!)

Sharon said...

Super Star, Flirt, and ABC 123 are my favorites.

Denise said...

This is hard!!! I love them all to pick only 3 but if I have to pick favorites they would be...
Flirt FQ bundle by Sandy Gervais
Marmalade FQ bundle by Bonnie and Camille
Metropolitan Fair by Barbara Brackman

Hope I'm one of the 2 YOU pick.
Thanks for a great blog and online store.

Tiffany said...

I really love the Mod Tod FQ bundle! I also love the Super Star FQ bundle and the Bungle Jungle FQ bundle. (I've got two little boys... can you tell?)

Melaniemmacdonald said...

Hi Judi! Thanks for the great give-a-way! I'd have to say that my 3 favs are marmalade, marmalade flannels and flirt!
Thank you,

regan said...

I'm just in love with that Morris Apprentice, the Metropolitan Fair and the Putting on the Ritz! They are all so lovely! Thanks for the chance!

DebrafromMD said...

My choices are: Dancing in the Rain FQ bundle, Old Glory fat eighth bundle and Harvest Moon fat eighth bundle.

Laurel said...

just like most people, i drool for a fat quarter bundle, either cuzco or simple life. but i would also like a layer cake of bella white... i need one for a chevron quilt!

Joan said...

I love all the fabric. My three favourites are: Marmalade FQ Bundle, Cherry Christmas Jelly Roll, and Flirt FQ Bundle. Thank you for opportunity. I'd love to win!

Joyce said...

Oh a kid in a candy store! First choice would be Simple Life FQ bundle, Second choice would be Marmalade Layer Cake, and Third would be Flirt in anything! Thanks for the chance!

Unknown said...

I like Simple Life
Kissing Booth
Flirt by Sandy Gervais- Thanks alot for the chance you give!!!

Fingers crossed

Allison C said...

My favorites (in no order) are

Moda FQ Bella Solids Colors Bundle
Moda Jelly Roll Simply Color by V & Co
Simply color FQ bundle

Sowing Stitches said...

Today my top 3 choices would be:
1. Riley Blake Designs FQB: The Simple Life
2. Moda FQB: Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey
3. Moda FQB: Cuzco by Kate Spain

sowingstitches [at] gmail [dot] com

Beth said...

Ok here are three picks (hard to pick just three) Cuzco by Kate Spain, Marmalade and Oh Deer! Thanks for the great giveaway.

Anne said...

Flirt, Everlastings, and Metropolitan Fair Jelly Rolls are my three favorites.

tpott said...

What a generous giveaway, Thank you. ;-> My favorites are , Dancing in the Rain-Jelly Roll, Flirt-Fat Quarter bundle and, Cuzco-Fat Quarter bundle. I think Cuzco would make a beautiful "Swoon" quilt, don't you? ;-> Toni Anne

Linda said...

Wow, so hard to pick one thing, but I really like this jelly roll.
Moda Jelly Roll - Holiday Medley by Kansas Troubles Quilters

marie said...

Very generous give away, thank you. My 3 favorites are the FQ bundles of Bits & Pieces, Dancing in the Rain and Double Chocolat

Linda said...

OOOps, posted too soon, I also like Moda Jelly Roll - Trails End by Holly Taylor, and Moda Jelly Roll - Dancing In The Rain by Laundry Basket Quilts

Jyllybean said...

I love fat quarter bundles! I'd have to go with Flirt by Sandy Gervais, Holly Jolly by Ingrid and Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey

Meredith said...

So many pretty things! Currently I love the Cuzco layer cake, the Marmalade fat quarter bundle and the Simply Color jelly roll!

Mom said...

Hands down...Morris Apprentice and a close 2nd Dancing in the Rain.

Emily said...

I love your fat quarter bundles. I think my three favorites would have to be Marmalade, Sew Stitchy, and Bungle Jungle.

Vicki H. said...

I love your blog, pictures of your quilting and the fabrics to inspire my next project!

Karen said...

The fat quarter bundles are great.
I like Collections Warmth, Marmalade and Trails End Batiks.

Sally K said...

Currently my 3 favorite things are the Holly Jolly layer cake, the Double Chocolate fat quarter bundle and the Sew Stitchy jelly roll. Thanks for the chance to win some of your wonderful fabrics!

Andrea said...

mama said sew
oh deer
sew stitchy

thanks for the chance!

doodlebugmom said...

I love the Moda Bella solid fat quarters. Also the Simple Life fat quarters and Dress up Days bundle. I am so drawn to the girly things :)

Alison said...

Just 3? I love the fat quarter bundles. I curtly live the simple life, super star and the new Valentin's lins are too cute.

Michelle said...

I love FQ Bundles or Layer cakes! Flirt, Collections Warmth, and Everlasting are my favorites at the moment. Thanks for a chance to win!

Mom2RyandSis said...

Thanks for the chance to win! Three things I love in your shop are the Fat 1/8th bundle of Little Black Dress and the layer cakes of Cuzco and Marmalade(flannel) :)

Quiltn Mama said...

OH MY, how generous! Let's see...I love the Dancing in the Rain batiks, Kissing Booth by basic grey or Cuzco from Kate Spain. Layer Cakes and FQ bundles would be awesome..thanks so much for the chance to win!

Terri in BC said...

I love giveaways! My favourite precut size is fat quarters or layer cakes, and I love the following lines:

Moda Sew Stitchy
Moda Marmalade
Moda Little Black Dress

Thanks for the opportunity!

Christa Marcotte said...

I love everything about your site. I check it everyday!! I purchased some layer cakes last week in my favorite Kasuri and Christmas spirit! Any precut would complete the project! Minis, charms, or jelly roll. I am very tempted this morning to buy the Bella solids Colors!! Love it!Keep up the great work!

Rebeckah Austin said...

I have to say mine are FQ bundles Oh Deer,Sew Stichy, and Bella Sloids.

Anna @FreshDewDrops said...

What a lovely day for a giveaway. I love your selection. It's always so hard to choose. In no particular order I have it narrowed down to the following:

Old Glory - honey bun
Marmalade - FQ bundle or layer cake
Flirt - Jelly roll

Thank you so much!

jaellede said...

That's a nice giveaway :)
I like FQ Bundles, yummy! First of all Flirt by Sandy Gervais, then Cuzco by Kate Spain or Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille. Love the colors!

Lynda said...

simple marks, cuzco, and mod century fat quarter bundles would definitely be on my christmas list.

Rebecca said...

I'm all about your FQ bundles - my favorites are Marmalade, Marmalade flannel, and The Simple Life. LOVE!!!

Siobhán said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Let's see, favorites... so hard to choose! I think my top picks are FQ bundles of Marmalade, Kissing Booth, and Oh Deer!

Laura said...

What a great giveaway and so many awesome products to choose from! My top choices would be:

Flirt FQ bundle by Sandy Gervais

Marmalade FQ bundle by Bonnie & Camille

Harvest Moon Fat 8th bundle by Kansas Troubles

Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Marmalade by bonnie and Camille charm pack
Rick the Rack quilt pattern
Windsor Lane charm pack

Sharon said...

I am loving simply color, cuzco, and the new malka dubrowsky coming out.

Betsy Lynn said...

Here are my choices:

The Simple Life - Riley Blake Designs Fat Quarter Bundle

Cuzco by Kate Spain - Moda Fat Quarter Bundle

Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey - Moda Fat Quarter Bundle

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

pkrueger said...

Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille
Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater
Odds and Ends by Cosmo Cricket
Thanks for the chance of this generous giveaway!

Barbie Mills said...

So many to choose from! I'd have to say Cuzco FQ Bundle, Bella Solids Colors Jelly Roll, and Simply Color Jelly Roll. I love fabric.

tellad said...

1. Dancing in the Rain fat quarter
2. The Morris Apprentice Layer Cake
3. Metroppolitan Fair Charm Pack

Jane S. said...

You have so many wonderful things -- The 3 that I'm loving right now are:
The Morris Apprentice FQ bundle
Cuzco FQ bundle
Audra's Iris Garden FQ bundle (it won't be here for a few months but I can hardly wait for its arrival!)

Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

Judy said...

The Marmalade, The Flirt and The Simple Life ........... all in fat quarter bundles


Vicki in MN said...

What a tough choice-what's not to love, but I think my favorites are Moda Dancing in the Rain Batiks FQ bundle, Moda Trails End Batiks FQ bundle, and Moda Trails End FQ bundle.

catlady said...

There are so many to pick from!!! I guess I would have to choose Marmalade, Cuzco, and Flrt. I love jellyrolls, who am I kidding, I just love fabric in any shape!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'd choose Marmalade, Cuzco, and Flrt! such neat fabrics! Thank you for sharing!

Julie said...

Christmas Spirit jelly roll.
Cuzco FQB.
Seascapes layer cake.

Thanks for a great giveaway.

Cheryl R said...

Love the Marmalade FQ bundle, the Double Chocolat FQ bundle, and Morris Apprentice FQ bundle:-)

GO STARS! said...

Hard to choose, but my three favorites are Marmalade by Bonnie & Camile, Eat Your Fruits and Veggies by Pat Sloan (I like the batiks and the prints) and Mod Century by Jenn Ski. Thanks for the contest.

Kathrynn said...

Okay, my three favorites in no particular order are;
Moda Jelly Roll - Cherry Christmas,
Moda Charm Pack - Enchanted Garden, and Moda Charm Pack - Trails End. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

Lindsey F. said...

I would choose the Marmalade FQ bundle, Seascapes FQ bundle or a Bella Solids jelly roll - not sure what color though! Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

Druid Lady said...

You have such incredible taste in fabric that I love all your selections. However, if I have to choose three they would be:
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle- Merry Medley,
Holiday in Kashmir - Moda Fat Quarter Bundle, and/or Moda Jelly Roll - Simply Color.
Thank you for your generosity and good luck to all.

Sarah said...

I'm a "Moda Girl" at heart and love the pre-cuts you have. I'd have to say my favorite things on the site are:

- Moda's FQ set of Bella Solids
- Moda's FQ set of the Trails End Batiks by Holly Taylor
- Riley Blake Designs FQ set of Dark Cotton Shades

Thanks for the opportunity of a giveaway!

Pinspot said...

Oh that's easy, Marmalade, Dear Mr Claus, and Oh Deer! Thanks for the chance!

Teresa F. said...

Thank you for the chance. I can't buy any fabric so winning would be fantastic. I love
Moda Jelly Roll - Everlastings
Moda FQ bundle - Collections Warmth
Moda Charm Pack - Kasuri.

Gill said...

I like Juggling Summer by Zen Chic, Cuzco by Kate Spain and Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille

Diane E W said...

Just call me crazy...I see everyone listing FQ of this and that, the three things that I love the most on your website would be a Trails Ends jelly roll by Holly Taylor. To make a friend a long awaited quilt. Love love love the So Fine thread, I don't have all of them but my choice would be Mushroom. And last, I love your quilting templates that you design and sell so that I may have an insight to how you do what you do. Crazy, right? But that's what I would love to win from your website, oh don't get me wrong I love all the beautiful fabric but I would be happy with one of these.

Cathy said...

wow I love them all but if I had to choose a few they would be.
the fat quarters Duck Duck
fat quaters Bungle Jungle
Jelly roll Marble circus

thanks for the chance to win.


Bailey said...

Beacon cove layer cake, Ocean View layer cake and the bella silver jelly roll to make an I spy quilt for my son

Heartsdesire said...

I love, love, love the Metropolitan Fair layer cake. Also Flirt and Marmalade fat quarters are favourites. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

Denise said...

Thank you for an awesome giveaway!
My favorites are:
FQ Super Star, FQ Sew Stitchy and FQ Share the Joy!

Stacie said...

Love Marmalade, ocean view, and Cuzco. Thanks for the giveaway!

ritainalaska said...

enjoyed the browsing! my picks: Moda Layer Cake - Cuzco by Kate Spain
Moda Jelly Roll - Dear Mr Claus by Cosmo Cricket
Moda Fat Eighth Bundle - Christmas Spirit by Holly Taylor
love all of them ... and have plans to use them. thanx for the chance to win one of them.

Marisa said...

Wow! Fun giveaway.

My favorites right now are:

1. Wee Wovens bundle (out in Dec)

2. Double Chocolat bundle

3. Kissing Booth bundle


Megan said...

Ooooh, fun! Right now, I'm digging the marmalade fat eighth bundle, the tapestry/fig tree charm pack, and the Double Chocolat fat quarter bundle. Hope y'all are settling back in after your vacation!

Renee said...

Here are my favorites, thanks for the give away!
Cuzco by Kate Spain
Flirt by Sandy Gervais
Simply Color by V & Co

JustPam said...

Very generous giveaway!

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Cuzco by Kate Spain
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Everlastings by Sandy Gervais


krisgray said...

FQs are my weakness and so are batiks! Love Eat Your Fruits n Veggies FQ bundle (you're one of the few stores I've seen carrying this FQ bundle), Dancing in the Rain FQ bundles, and the Trails End bundle.

Leslie at the Sugarhouse said...

Wow, you have so much to choose from! Love anything you want to send my way! Top picks- The Morris Apprentice line, Strip This Quilt pattern or a spool of So Fine thread which I have never tried before (something neutral like snow or mushroom would be nice)
Thanks for the giveaway!

Michele said...

Only 3?

A Flirt jelly roll, a Marmalade bundle, and the Blitzen kit. Of course, I'd be delighted with anything on the site. Lovely stuff.

Sandy D said...

Hard choice. I like Cinnamon Spice FQ Bundle, Dancing in the Rain Jelly Roll and Double Chocolat FQ Bundle.

Candace said...

My favorites are the Collections Warmth Quilt Kit, the Marmalade fat quarter bundle, and the Cuzco fat quarter bundle

Anonymous said...

Very hard to choose from:

Moda Layer Cake - Eat Your Fruits n' Veggies by Pat Sloan

Moda Layer Cake - Holly Jolly by Ingrid

Moda Layer Cake - Kissing Booth by Basic Grey


Kathleen said...

I love your fat quarter bundles, especially

1) marmalade !!!!!!!
2) Wee Woven Brights
3) Seascapes

And I love your blog and your quilting.

Wendy said...

My favorite three are:
Cuzco layer cake by Kate Spain
Flirt by Sandy Gervais
Kissing Booth by Basic Grey

Tamie said...

I'm loving Cuzco, Marmalade and Juggling Summer. I can come up with a few more to take off your hands if you need me to. Thanks for the giveaway.

texheks said...

Oi oi... I'll pick: an Oh deer fat quarter bundle, a Simple Marks fat eight bundle and a Windsor Lane (taupe) layer cake...

Michele T said...

Awesome giveaway!!! I love the following Fat Quarter Bundles:
Trails End
Double Chocolat
Dancing in The Rain

Sue said...

Such beautiful fabrics in your shop...makes it hard to choose! Favorites are:
Jelly roll Bella solids warm
Moda jelly roll kissing booth
Fat quarter bundle flirt
Thanks for the chance to win!

Lee said...

I love
marmalade fat quarter bundle
cherry christmas jelly roll
and anything kissing booth by basic grey! thanks!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Love Zen Chic Fat 8th bundles, the Marmalade Bonnie & Camille Fat 8th and I always love a Moda jelly roll in aone colour - especially the Leaf Green - yum!!!

Ellen in Oregon said...

Really hard to pick just 3 when they are all great choices. I love to work with bundles or layer cakes, but any size would be fine. I choose Sentiments, Holiday Medley and Chateau Rouge. Thank for having the giveaway.

Jennie P. said...

I Love:
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Monster Bash by Sandy Gervais

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Oh Deer by MoMo

Moda Jelly Roll - Simply Color by V & Co.

Thanks for the chance!!

Teresa Silva said...

I love Marmalade Fat Quarter bundle, Simply color jelly roll and Leaf Green Solid Jelly roll. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog.

Tiffaney said...

What a hard choice!

I would have to pick ABC 123 FQB or your Butterfly quilt pattern or maybe Flower Patch quilt pattern. Unless I get to choose off the coming soon pages then I have to admit I am saving my fabric money for FQ bundle of Noteworthy

Rachel said...

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! You are such an inspiration. My favorites are all FQ Bundles:
Sew Stitchy
Thank you again! Rachel

Julie Thompson said...

The Good Morning quilt kit, the fat quarter bundle of marmalade and Flirt layer cake.

Helen said...

The three favorite items on your website are (in no particular order)
Moda Charm Pack - Kissing Booth (this would make a great quilt for Breast Cancer Awareness with all the pinks)

Moda Blitzen Quilt Kit (would love to have the time to make this)

Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille (I read their blogs and love the fabric).

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