Friday, October 18, 2013

Beth's quilt.

Before I left for Romania, I finished this beautiful applique quilt pieced by Beth.  This quilt is so beautiful and was fun to work on.  Sad thing is, I was in such a hurry to get the quilt sent out that I didn't get the pictures I wanted to.  Oh well, at least I have a few.  So, the quilt is called: Fly Away With Me by Marge George for Material Obsession. This took Beth over a year to complete. 

The funnest part of the quilt was all the quarter size hexagons.  I loved how cute they were.  I opted to connect curve them individually.  I like how they turned out.  The straight line accents were perfect for the circle blocks. In the main body of the quilt I used my feather swirl free motion quilting. 

Because the material on the front is cream with black polka dots, it was hard to capture the quilting.  In the border areas I had fun with different fillers and then connect curved all the hexagons. 

I love how amazing the quilting looks on the back.  This was a fun quilt to stitch up. 

Okay, so now I am back home and in full swing.  The kids have fall break and I am just sneaking enough time away on the computer to post this while the kids finish up their daily chores.  We are having a good time with family and I am treating myself this week and next week to quilting my own quilt. 
I have two patterns that I will be showcasing in the next few weeks.  I am excited about that because it has been a little while since I released a new pattern. I guess I have just been waiting anxiously to show you my book.  Well, good news.  I get to see the last edit of the book next week.  I talked with my editor yesterday and they are working very hard to get my book out.  It has been a tough time getting things back on track since they have had to hire a new executive book editor, but in the end it will all work out. 
Please continue to be patient with me if you have ordered my book through our website.  When you order from me, you are receiving a signed copy.  My book is also available on Amazon. I do not have a release date yet, but as soon as the final edit is finished it will go to the printer.  After that I just wait for the FedEx man to show up with my copies.  It is getting closer, I promise. 

Have a fabulous weekend. 


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh Judi!!!! This is gorgeous...and your quilting makes the quilt; really. I wish I had a little of your quilting control

Leeanne said...

What a stunning quilt! EPP quilts pose a challenge as you can't stitch in the ditch because the seams are open, so the 'orange peel' as I like to call it, is perfect.

Kathy Schwartz said...

I love Beth's quilt! Your quilting designs are the 'icing on the cake' for me! Great combination of straight and curvy quilting, love the texture it creates! Wonderful job, both of you!

Judiquilts said...

Judi, your quilting is always so fun. Wouldn't it be nice for your book to available around XMas time? I think that would be one of the best presents! Kind regards, Judy in Oz

Lesley said...

The quilt and the quilting are a perfect match! Such a stunning quilt!

Sue's Stitchin' said...

awesome as usual. Anxious to see what your own quilts will look like. Will one of them possibly the flower patch quilt-along? I'm hoping for some quilting ideas for that one. thanks Sue K

Spinner said...

Absolutely beautiful! Amazing craftsmanship by both of you! Looking forward to your book - best wishes :)

Michele said...

Another stunner. I'm constantly floored by your gorgeous work.