Saturday, September 8, 2018

Patchwork Pineapple - NEW pattern!

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
I am so thrilled to finally share what I have been working on for the last several months.  I have wanted to make a pineapple quilt forever. I drew one up at the beginning of the year and made that design up into a quilt, but - it didn't look good, or work right for what I wanted. So, I started over and decided on the design, Patchwork Pineapple, that you see now.  This is such a fun quilt to put together.  The design is exactly what I envisioned with this second attempt and I am so excited to share it with you now.

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
My family just recently went to California and I figured the Coast would be the perfect backdrop for my Patchwork Pineapple quilt. We had to wait until the middle of the day for the sun to come out, but thank heavens it did.  The quilt and the backdrop look amazing! My kids were good sports as they modeled for the pattern cover.
Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
It was a super windy day and we had to really move the quilt around, but it's fun to see the quilt in action. 

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
I used fat quarters from my stash to make the quilt.  The background fabrics were from a fat quarter bundle of Zen Chic's Modern Background fabric line - it looks perfect as the background. 

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
I wanted the pineapple blocks to look more like a pineapple than the quilts I have seen around, and with just a little extra piecing involved - I was able to achieve that look. The stars with the accent colors are so fun in the large block as well as the square accents in the small pineapple blocks. 

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
This action shot shows the quilting a little bit better.  I designed an edge to edge computerized Pineapple Quilting design that quilts up very nicely on the quilt. This is shown as a small quilting design, but it can be adjusted to a bigger size. 

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
Here is a better look at the Pineapple Quilting

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 

All my computerized quilting friends, you can get the design here - it's on sale right now for a limited time. 

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
Okay, and the best part about this quilt is that it is reversible.  The instructions include how to make this gorgeous back.  This is the medium sized pineapple block, and I think it is just darling!  

Patchwork Pineapple by Judi Madsen 
So, here you go!  I hope you like making this quilt as much as I did.  The pattern is available now as a PDF and the paper version will start shipping on September 17th. The introductory price is only $6.00 - so get yours today before the price goes up.  Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

10 years

This picture has so much meaning for me, especially with the little guy watching me quilt.  It was 10 years ago this week that I was pregnant with our 3rd child, we had just sold our home and we were awaiting the arrival of Jonah so that we could head down to Saint George, Utah from Salt Lake to make a fresh start.  Clint had quit his job and we decided that we would take Green Fairy Quilts to a new level by making it our full time business. 

I can still see the faces of family and friends as they tried to be supportive, but I knew deep down they thought we were crazy.  I mean, who quits their job, sells their home, has a baby and moves 4 hours away from any family? At the time Clint and I were desperate for a change and knew this was right for us.  We did have the money from the sale of our home to make this work and we had about a year to do it.  At the time we knew our kids were young enough, they would not have any clue if we failed - our oldest was 3 at the time.

The back story is that my mom and I had been working together and going to shows to sell my patterns and quilt kits. I had also learned to free motion quilt, not very well I might say, on my mom's machine and with our move, we would buy a quilting machine. Clint and I saw the potential in the business and we had always wanted to work for ourselves, so one day when Clint was working down here in Saint George, he looked around and said it felt like home.  He immediately called me and said, "do you think we could sell the house and start the business down here?" I was desperate for a change and agreed.  It was really hard to tell my mom, but she understood and was supportive. 

So, the house was put on the market, For Sale by Owner - we bought low and sold high.  This was 2008 - we got every last drop of equity in that house and then waited to move after Jonah was born.  We were in the house for 3 days and then moved down to Saint George. It was 2 weeks later that the housing market crashed - and it crashed hard in our area.  This was the first miracle, we knew that God had been taking care of us and allowed timing to be perfect. 

In October 2008 we finally got my own A1 longarm and I started quilting. I never had any lessons, so I had to teach myself, I knew a little free motion from using my mom's machine.  I relied a lot on pictures I could find, but there really weren't a lot of resources back then.  I said a lot of prayers and worked hard to build a clientele, the big breaks were the word of mouth references and blogging.  I started this blog and shared what I was doing and looking back, I had no idea what I was doing.  I spent hours and hours researching how to blog, how to make great photos, anything I could think of to make it better, I was doing. Meanwhile, Clint was building the website and he started adding precuts to the website. I remember in January 2009 our total sales on the website were just over $100.00 - definitely not an income for a family of 5 - but Clint was determined to make it work. I remember telling him several times that it wasn't working and that he needed to find a job, but he kept going, kept persisting and working harder and harder. He had the faith and determination to make this work and he helped me realize that we could do this. 

So many things have happened in the 10 years since that first move.  Clint has built and maintained an incredible website, he works so hard. I have been able to take quilting to a whole new level with free-motion, ruler work and secondary designs. I feel like I have grown so much in my artistry and I know that this creative outlet has given me more than I could ever ask for. I went into this business wanting to just design quilt patterns, but it has turned into so much more. God has given us a better outcome than we could have ever imagined and for that I will forever be grateful. 

We have been blessed to have helped people in Romania with our charity, so many donations and quilts have been given and distributed, several trips have been taken to help those in need.  We couldn't have done all of this without all of you.  So many wonderful customers and friends we have gained along the way. There are so many wonderful memories I have and this anniversary has made me really reflect on those.  There have been hard times, but the good times far outweigh the bad times. We work hard and have had to learn to juggle business, marriage, kids, religious obligations and extended family. 

I look back at the travels I have made to teach quilting - I didn't even know this was an option when I first started.  I look back and realize the first 3 "no's" on book proposals were a huge blessing because it led me to AQS publishing and they couldn't have been more incredible to work with on my first and second book.  Then, we filmed 3 iquilt classes - it's all crazy to think about.  I really just wanted to work from home, and I have had more opportunities to travel than any WAHM could ever want.  I have learned so much and grown in so many ways.  

Thank you so much for following us on our journey and for making the dreams we had come true.  Life is a gift and we are so blessed.  Thanks for listening.  10 years! Here's to 10 more!  Who knows what the next 10 will bring, I can't imagine it being any better than it already is.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Metro Rings finally finished!

I have had this quilt top sitting in my studio unfinished for over 4 years now.  My thoughts at the time were that I was going to custom quilt it, however, my life and schedule have not allowed the time needed to do so.  I am a little sad about that, but I think having the quilt finished and being able to gift it finally, is a better option. 
I used V and Co's beautiful fabric for the piecing with Moda's Bella Solid white for the background fabric.  The pattern is Metro Rings, available here, by Sew Kind of Wonderful.
Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Rings pieced and quilted by Judi Madsen using the Axel by Keryn Emmerson edge to edge quilting pattern.
I quilted this with a computerized edge to edge pattern on my A1 longarm. I now have 2 quilting machines, one for my custom work and one for edge to edge quilting. You can read all about that, and get in line for quilting services here
I used Axel by Keryn Emmerson edge to edge quilting pattern. However, my designs available for quilting have been updated as of yesterday, please take a look at those here
Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Rings pieced and quilted by Judi Madsen using the Axel by Keryn Emmerson edge to edge quilting pattern.
What I like most about this quilt is the color placement.  I wanted to create my own take on the design by placing the colors in a very specific way.  The end result is absolutely beautiful.
Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Rings pieced and quilted by Judi Madsen using the Axel by Keryn Emmerson edge to edge quilting pattern.
Clint and the kids gave me a beautiful spot in our yard for a garden swing.  I like to read here and enjoy a little bit of serenity every now and again.  I think the contrast of the quilt colors and the tans of the swing and patio make for a perfect backdrop to show the quilt.  Even then, the colors in the picture do not give this quilt any justice at all.

Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Rings pieced and quilted by Judi Madsen using the Axel by Keryn Emmerson edge to edge quilting pattern.
So, sew beautiful!! Thanks for reading!  I have a lot of good things coming up, including an all new design that I think you will love.  I haven't even shared a sneak peek of it, so it's going to be a surprise for everyone. I can't wait to release the pattern. Also, I have a custom quilt on the frames that has some pretty amazing never done before quilting.  Be sure to follow me here and on social media to know when updates are available. Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mom's Quilt finished.

This beautiful quilt was made by my mom, Gayla.  She finished this beautiful "Block of the Month" pattern designed by Peggy McDonald for her local quilt shop just before she suffered a stroke.  It has been one of those crazy life events that puts everything into perspective.  Mom has given me the love of quilting and she really was the reason I have been able to do all I have done with quilting.  She bought the longarm that I learned on, she encouraged me to write patterns, she traveled with me to peddle my patterns years ago.  She's been a huge influence in my life, not just in quilting, but in every aspect and the miracles that happened just over a month ago that have kept her here with us is something I am so grateful for. 

Mom is doing better, but she is having to re-learn a lot of things, including sewing.  So, when I realized that she couldn't sew as well - or at all - like she used to, I wanted to finish her quilt.  I sewed the backing together, I quilted it using my computerized A1 longarm and in my new design, Feather Swirl.  It turned out beautiful! 

This design is so great and looks nice, especially if you love feathers and swirls together. 

Binding would have been impossible for Mom, so I put together her scraps of fabric in 12 inch strips to make this fabulous binding. It really turned out beautiful! 

The back is perfect and shows off the quilting beautifully!

This is me with Mom and Amy, my sister.  I was up in Salt Lake last week and was able to take Mom to speech therapy.  She has a long road ahead in recovery, but she is doing well. We are so grateful that she is with us.  She is slowly getting back to stitching.  I was able to get her longarm loaded and had her practice while I was there and she did wonderful.  She was a little critical of herself, but I quickly reminded her that it will take time to get back to where she used to be. I am just so glad I was able to help her finish this beautiful quilt top.  

Feather Swirl digital design 
This is my Feather Swirl design - if you haven't looked around my digital designs, you can do so here.  Use the code "digital15" to receive a discount off your order.  Code expires at the end of the month.  Also, don't forget to grab your patterns - $5 until the end of the month.