Friday, August 16, 2019

Mama Gypsy QAL Second Row of Blocks and Winner!

(Block 5)
I hope you are having a fun time putting Mama Gypsy together!  I am happy to announce that Dory Miller has won the $50 gift certificate to Green Fairy Quilts for this quilt along.  Thank you for joining my quilt along!

So, we are working on row 2 for this week.  Thank you for sharing your progress on Facebook and Instagram - your fabric choices and blocks are amazing!  Keep them coming!

(Block 6)

(Block 7)

(Block 8)

(Row 2)

Now that you have, or will have two rows completed - sew the two rows together.  We are half-way done! Hooray!!

It's not too late to start making your own Mama Gypsy - get your paper pattern here or your PDF pattern here.  Looking forward to seeing your quilts!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Mama Gypsy QAL First Blocks and Winner announced soon!!

It has been so fun watching the fabric choices coming along and many of you have started cutting and working on blocks.  That is so great! I am going to go over how I pieced my Mama Gypsy. The color choices for my quilt made it so I had to start in the center and build from there. 

You can see in the picture above that I cut the 4 center large print blocks, then cut the accent squares.  I drew on the necessary lines that make the triangle in the block, and the bonus HST for each section.  All of those instructions are in the pattern. Make sure you are pinning because the quilt pieces are quite large - this will help with keeping the fabric from shifting.

You can see above that the HST do add up as you put the quilt blocks together.  It is so fun to see the colors coming together, especially with the scrappy feel of the fabrics I used. 

Once the blocks are trimmed and pressed, you can see how fun they come together. I didn't worry about adding the other elements to these center blocks (above) - you will see that they are incomplete by looking through the pattern.  I put the center of the blocks together first so I could build on my accent colors.  I do better myself laying my pieces out on the floor, or design wall if you have one, and playing with placement.  I am a little more hands-on in that department. You also have the option to color out your fabrics on the black and white design page provided in my pattern

(Block 1)
Okay, so now that I know where my accent colors will be in the center of the quilt, I know how I want to play with the outside block accent colors.  You will see on my entire quilt how I have the warmer colors in one corner of the quilt and the cooler colors on the opposite corner.  It was all just a little bit of trial and error before I had the placement I wanted. 

(Block 2)
You can see I am building the quilt from the bottom row to the top - it doesn't matter which order you do it in, that is just what I did for this quilt.  I have to admit it was hard for me to place all these prints together, but the end result was worth it. 

(Block 3)
If you look closely at the teal/green fabric above, it is directional.  I take the time to make sure that the prints are going the same way - there will be 4 triangles coming together once the blocks are sewn into a row.  I prefer to have the same prints coming together in the same direction.  It takes a little bit more time, but is definitely worth the effort.

(Block 4)
It is fun how each block has its own personality, I love the way each of these prints come together against the dark background fabric. I have the directions for pressing the seams in my pattern, but I opted to press the seams open for this particular quilt.  I knew I would be quilting it and would be able to navigate the seams and where to stitch. More on that later.

Okay, so once you have the first 4 blocks completed - sew them together.  Isn't this darling?  I love it!

Those of you following along on Instagram - share your blocks using #mamagypsyquiltqal and those of you on Facebook, you can share in my group.  I will pick a winner for the $50 Green Fairy Quilts gift card Friday or Saturday night for one lucky participant who has shared their progress.  So, be sure to share, even if you are just now picking your fabrics.  

For those of you who haven't started yet, don't worry!  You can still join.  All the info for the quilt along will be here. I will post again next Friday!

Thanks everyone!  

Friday, August 2, 2019

Mama Gypsy Quilt Along Fabric Choices!!!

Alright! Here we go! I hope you are as excited as I am about this fun Mama Gypsy QAL - it is going to be fun!  So, for those of you who are still on the fence and haven't purchased your pattern yet, you still have time! Get your paper pattern here (with free collector pin) or if you want to just get started, purchase the PDF version here.

For those of you on Facebook - I have created a group to share what we are doing throughout each week. For those of you on Instagram - please use the #mamagypsyquiltqal to share your quilt process.

Read all the way down to see my sponsors ;-)

Okay - talking fabric choices.  This quilt was a bit of a challenge for me because I took a different approach to the overall look of the quilt.  Most of the time I go safe and choose a few different colors that blend well and typically go with yardage instead of fat quarters.   However, this quilt is made entirely of fat quarters, except for the background fabric.  In that case, I used Peacoat - a fabulous Moda Bella Solids color - not quite black, not quite navy.
The idea for the quilt was to showcase the white (floral) printed fabrics.  When I am putting a quilt together, these large prints are not ever chosen for a quilt of mine because I typically focus on the quilting - large prints don't showcase well for that.  The idea to change the focal fabrics to the large floral prints created an opportunity for me to use the prints I love, but don't typically use in my projects.
I started with the center of the quilt picking 4 fat quarters that blended well together, then added 4 complimentary colors for the on-point squares accents and one print for the center. Picking the accent colors is as simple as pulling colors from the prints.

I quilted the large white florals in the center with 1 inch squares.  This gives the quilt dimension without taking away from the printed design.

For the outside large areas of the quilt, choose 12 fat quarters that blend well together. I went through all of my stash of fat quarters and auditioned several white background large prints and these were the final choices. You can see that there are several Moda designers represented in these choices.

Once you have the printed fabric chosen, the accent colors need to be chosen.  You will need 16 different accent colors, I had fun choosing colors that I like, but also going dark to light.  I planned on using these accent colors for the border trim, but more on that in the coming weeks. 

Once you have all your fabric chosen, it is time to prepare your fabric for cutting. I like to spray my fat quarters with spray starch and let the fabric air
 dry.  After that I spray the fabric again and iron it.  Now, you are ready to cut your fabric.

So, this week - gather and prep your fabric, then start cutting. If you are doing a scrappy quilt like this one, then you will want to use the drawing page in the pattern to make a reference for fabric placement.  OR - you can start with the center blocks and the color placement and build on from there.

Next week I will share with you the first row and 4 blocks that I put together.  Please be sure to share your fabric choices with us on social media.

Also, next week I will announce the winner of the $50 gift card to Green Fairy Quilts for one lucky participant.  Please stayed tuned for another winner in the weeks to come for a prize from Moda Fabrics - I am so grateful that they have sponsored my fun QAL.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mama Gypsy Quilt Along with FREE collectors pin!

Mama Gypsy by Judi Madsen
I have some fun planned for a Quilt Along making my Mama Gypsy Quilt. If you remember my first quilt, it was made with a white background and dark focal pieces.  This quilt has taken on a whole new look with a dark background and bright border, I absolutely love it!
Mama Gypsy by Judi Madsen
The fun thing about this quilt pattern is that there are enough half-square triangles to make a bonus quilt.  I changed the layout for this quilt, but the same pieces are there.
Mama Gypsy by Judi Madsen
Isn't this the perfect setting for these darling quilts?
Mama Gypsy by Judi Madsen
So, who wants to join me?  I know it is winding down as the summer comes to an end, so this is going to be the best project to get going for the fall.  It is a fairly quick project, which makes it even more fun!  The plan is to start the quilt along on August 2nd. I will be posting here, as well as on Instagram and Facebook each Friday in August.

So, get your pattern here - buy a paper pattern and you will receive a Mama Gypsy Collector Pin for free during this quilt along. I will also be doing a giveaway for the participants in the Quilt Along, including a $50 gift card to Green Fairy Quilts and a surprise prize to another winner from my sponsor Moda Fabrics.

I will be using #mamagypsyqal to share the photos, be sure to share using that hashtag as well.