Thursday, November 7, 2019

Elaine's Carpenter's Wheel Quilt

I had a lot of fun with this beautiful carpenter's wheel quilt made by Elaine. I love her color choices. The leaves are falling around here and this quilt makes me think of fall. The fabrics are Flower Gatherings by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings and the pattern she used was from a Moda Love In sew along.  You can get the pattern and info here.  It is a layer cake pattern, conveniently we have lots of those at Green Fairy Quilts.

I saw a lot of Secondary Design options for this quilt, but I did have to contain myself and keep this a simple custom quilting job.  I feel like I have gone back to my roots and just played with this darling quilt. 

I just outline the main areas of the quilt and filled it with the free motion feather swirl.  

The white fabric was treated as the background throughout the top and a large connecting double curve was perfect for this.  

The center star triangle shapes were given a slightly different feather - love how they turned out. 

The goal was to show of the shape of the carpenter's wheel and just enhance the piecing.  

The free-motion feather border was so much fun!  I loved playing with it. 

I used white and military gold 60wt glide thread.  Changing threads was a little bit annoying, but I am glad I made the time for it.

I love how the sunlight catches all the texture of the beautiful feathers. 


QuiltGram said...

It always amazes me how stitching lines dancing across a quilts surface can so dramatically change the quilt. This is amazing

Marlene said...

Judi the quilting on this is just amazing. I love how just a few design s have turned a Carpenter Star quilt into a masterpiece. The background design really brings the quilt to life. Love, love , love.

Crazy Horse Quilting said...

The Quilting is stunning! What thread color did you use in the main blocks?

Tammy said...

It gorgeous. Love the fabric; love the quilting! said...

Truly beautiful. Your quilting brings the finished quilt such a joyful feeling/appearance.. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

KaHolly said...

Wow! This is stellar!


Que trabajazo!!! te quedó precioso, bss

Heide said...

Beautiful quilt! love how you did all the quilting.