Monday, July 12, 2010

Quilter's are the Best!! Charity Update!!

So far we have received 12 quilts for our 2010 Romanian quilt charity trip. Thank you so much to all of you who have sent quilts. It means a lot that you want to help those in need. Clint has his ticket booked and will be leaving in September to take over the quilts. We are hoping to take at least 30 quilts, but are more than willing to take more if the donations come in.
Clint will be visiting an orphanage to give the quilts out, he is also hoping to help with food for the homeless teens in the same area that he visited in 2008. You can watch the videos of our trips here and here.

Sadly, I won't be going this year because I am pregnant, as you all know and I don't think it would be the best thing for me to go this year. But, we need your help. We need quilts, crib size to lap size, and we need donations to help with the food for the homeless. Every donation will go towards this cause and Clint and I don't pocket anything. If you would like to help out by sending a quilt, please contact me at - or if you would like to donate money to our cause please click on the donate button on my right sidebar. We had a successful trip last year and would love to help out as many children and their families as we can.

Thanks everyone!


Sherri said...

Do you only want fully finished quilts? Or will you take quilt tops as well?

Barb said...

I was waiting for you to say the word.....I will try to get a quilt or two to you.

Alison said...

Those quilts in the pictures look pretty fancy. Would you take simple tied quilts? Are there any guide lines about size fabrics and such?

CJ said...

What about some ragged edge quilts? flannel and raggy edged blocks, no binding???