Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ticky Tack revealed!!

Okay, so I am happy to finally reveal my Ticky Tack quilt - another custom printed panel design that was designed and quilted by me.  This was the first time for me using a printed panel for custom quilting and the fabric is 100% polyester, so it has a new feel for me. The fabric has a soft feel to it and because it is printed on a tight weave fabric, I needed to use a smaller needle (90/14) while quilting, and I used a 60wt glide thread to stitch. 
This quilt design, Ticky Tack, comes in 4 different colorways.  Surely there is a colorway that works for you.

There was a little bit of a learning curve for me using this fabric, because it is so different from a pieced 100% cotton quilt and the movement is different.  However, different isn't bad, it's just something that needs to be tried and tested.  I will definitely be quilting up my other design tops as well, I am looking forward to it - I mean, check out that texture!  The quilt seriously feels like's so nice. 

What I loved most about this quilt is that every color is a separate part of the design and I didn't have to worry about seams taking away from the quilting.  I was able to really play with the quilting design and not have to worry about the distraction of the seams used in traditional piecing.

I used my Quickmark Ruler for the straight line quilting as well as the marking.  It was really nice to have the 1 inch slots to work the lines into the design.  I had the 1 inch cross-hatch in the yellow areas, the diagonal lines in the yellow and green areas, and the rest of the straight line quilting.  It truly is a great ruler to work with during custom quilting and designing. Also, I didn't have any issues with marking this quilt top - I used a purple disappearing marker, which worked on all the colors of the quilt, including the dark blue.  The lines came out with a little water and the fabric does not bleed AT ALL - hooray!!

I had a lot of fun with the free-motion quilting as well.  

This was the quilting design I used for the majority of the blocks, and it definitely took the longest amount of time.  It was worth it though, ahh - that texture!!

The center yellow block was fun because I like to change things up in my quilting designs.  It still works with all the other designs, but has its own little flare - and because it is the center of the quilt, it draws your attention to that, which creates a nice balance. 

This was the easiest block to quilt up because I quilted the free-motion swirls with a 1/2 inch break line to show off the shape of the Ticky Tack block. The quilting in the white area creates a nice secondary design.

Close up!  So gorgeous! 

It's hard to not just jump up and down with excitement when looking at this picture!  Seriously!  I love it, the texture is just amazing and it really brings this quilt top to life. 

Of course the back is just as amazing. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about this darling quilt top.  I hope you quilt up your own! When you do, please share it with me and on social media using the hashtags #tickytackquilt #judimadsen and #honestfabric. You can purchase your own quilt top here.

I am so looking forward to your own design stamp on my quilt top designs


Barb said...

Your work is so amazing. I saw this on instragram and before I even read the caption I knew this was your work....

Anonymous said...

Your quilting is gorgeous, as it always is! I was wondering if the pattern is consistantly printed square to the grain of the fabric. With quilting cottons, it usually isn't.

sdrussell said...

I sure would like it if you made a sampler size. I would like to try a smaller one to see if I liked the material and the non patchwork work.