Monday, January 6, 2014

Crossroads - upclose and personal.

As promised I am going to share with you projects from my book.  I do not have a set schedule as to when I will show each of my projects, but I will eventually show you all of my quilts.  The first one I have chosen to share is called "Crossroads" and you can find it on page 43 of my book, Quilting Wide Open Spaces.

I love this quilt, seriously.  I had fun playing with the fabrics.  I wanted the colors of the red fabric to give you a center focus, but also pull out to the edge of the quilt to give a streamlined look.  Color placement is huge for me, I have a really hard time with a quilt if the fabrics are not in the right place. There isn't a rule to fabric placement, I just have to have some kind of order with mine.  This is a really fun piecing project as well as a quilting project.  It will work up fairly quickly since it is a smaller quilt.
The quilting is a fun mixture of straight lines and feather motifs.  The instructions and the templates for these designs are all in my book and cd that comes with my book.  I have had several people ask if my book is for domestic sewing machine quilters and the answer is yes!  I talk about my longarm in the beginning, but all of my designs can be printed off and traced onto your quilts, then free motion quilted.

Isn't the texture just amazing?  I love it! The outside feather border is so fun to quilt up, the step by step instructions will be so helpful as you try out this fun feather design. 

The feather motif and straight line quilting was continued into the snowball blocks of the quilt.  I love to have the quilting flow and make sense through the whole quilt.


This fun corner motif is also included in my book.

The back!

I hope you like Crossroads, it is such a fun quilt and I am happy to finally share it with you.  I received my quilts back from AQS a few days before Christmas and it was the best Christmas present I could ask for.

For those of you who already have my book, thank you!  I hope you take a moment to share your projects on my "Quilting Wide Open Spaces" Flickr group. I can't wait to see all the projects popping up there.

For those of you who don't have my book yet, you can purchase a signed copy in my shop here.


Leeanne said...

I am a professional quilter using a domestic machine & I love your book! I hope your sales go through the roof!

Catherine said...

I'm a Newbie quilter (and blogger!). Its fab to see your wonderful quilts. A real inspiration! Especially as I'm hand quilting my very first quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

I got your book for Christmas (yay, DH!!) and just love it - not that I thought I wouldn't! I've already got a couple of the quilts on my to-do list and lots of ideas for quilting some I have on hand now. Thanks for an excellent book, Judi!!!

bmayer said...

I just ordered your book! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Jenny said...

Beautiful quilting and congrats on traveling this year to teach!! You're going to be amazing!

Kathleen said...

You do lovely work.

Tamie said...

Oh my gosh. Your quilt is stunning... I'm so happy that your book if finally published.

Wendy K said...

I've been following your blogs for almost a year and finally received my copy of your book....thoroughly enjoying it! Looking forward to your visit to Canada - already signed up for your classes!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Congratulations Judi - it is beautiful. I'm drooling over all that quilting... My favorite step. Thanks for the great post!

Michele said...

Santa didn't bring me your book this year Boo Hoo but I did get some gift cards so a copy will be mine soon. I can't wait.

Holli said...

My long arm is going to be delivered and installed on Friday. I am so excited! I have your book/cd, and several quilt tops ready to go. I'll not begin to match your work and that's ok with me! Thank you for sharing!

Helen L said...

I've got your book and have been thinking of how I'm going to use your designs on one of the quilts I'm working on. Great book, and fantastic quilting!!! I'm coming to Quilt St. George and hoping that I'll get to say hi!! Good luck in your move!! Exciting, but sooo much work!!

Liz said...

Judi - What I LOVE about your book is that you break down the quilting into specific segments and EXPLAIN how each is done. After I read this is looked so much easier. The end results are so stunning. I plan to make one of your patterns and then do the quilting as explained. Thank you so much for sharing the entire process!