Saturday, August 28, 2010

Does this really happen?

Apparently it does. Clint and I went on a date and when we got home, I waited in the kitchen for our babysitter to get her shoes from outside and then all of a sudden I heard a huge explosion. I looked straight ahead and saw that the oven glass pane had completely shattered. I was the only one in the room, but the babysitter and Clint both heard the noise. We were all dumbfounded. Seriously, I stood there in shock, like "what the heck just happened?"
So weird. But apparently your oven glass panel can explode when you don't touch it. So, I am glad that the kids weren't up, so glad it didn't happen when Clint and I were gone - that would be a hard thing to explain as a babysitter - and glad I got to witness such a random thing.

Oh - and we have to pay for it - we have to prove that it's faulty for it to be covered - what's more faulty than an exploding oven door?


Emily's circus quilt - you can see more on her blog. I loved it! She always has fun quilts to work on.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Flower Swirl Quilting Tutorial

So - here's my video - don't laugh at me. I am not the best on a camera, but I hope you get a chance to try out my flower swirl quilting pattern. It's really fun. And - I don't have a studio yet, so just don't pay attention to the background!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doom's Day.................

At least "Doom's Day" for me. I never thought this day would come, I really hoped it wouldn't. But I guess kids have to grow up. Last night I was up just bawling, Clint blamed it on the pregnancy, but it was just thinking about my little girl going to school.

She was so excited this morning, she was in her school clothes at 7:30 - way to early for afternoon kindergarten, so I made her wear my apron everywhere to make sure she didn't get her clothes dirty. All morning she kept saying how excited she was to go, then she would see me a little teary eyed and she would reassure me by saying how much she will miss me. She's a good kid! I love her so much!

We did her hair extra cute and of course we had our big pink bow that my super talented sister made. Princess backpack that is completely full of supplies and heavier than she wanted to admit.

Off she goes, I cried, she didn't, and she lined up with the rest of the kids with no problem. I am going to go finish my tray of rice crispies - food makes me happy at a time like this.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Theresa's quilt part 2

Theresa put this quilt together, I believe it is a Judy Neimeyer quilt. It's all batiks and it's beautiful. The piecing was excellent, which makes for easier quilting. This is the second quilt I have quilted for Theresa.

I did stitch-in-the-ditch around the stars to make them pop out and did some connecting stitches around the stars. I did a lot of quilting around the blocks in the background, so I wanted these to stick out a little more.

I did freehand feathers with circles in the center of the feathers for the background of the quilt. I then filled in the space with pebbling.

The back of the quilt was a royal blue, and I couldn't for the life of me get the color right with my camera, so I just played with it. The back was awesome though.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Does your husband call you names?!?

So, Clint and I were talking the other night and I was showing him all the possibilities of quilts that I want to make with our Fat Quarter Bundles and he looked at me and said "You're a Fat Quarter Bundle." It was the wrong thing to say because I wasn't sure how to take it since I am getting "fat." Baby fat that is, and I am not feeling all too well about myself as of late and he is a teaser - he's always been a teaser - but he's going to be in the dog house for that comment!

So, have you been called a "fat quarter bundle," or a "honeybun," or a "jellyroll?" I think it would be okay to be called a "honeybun," - come to think of it, I think Clint has called me that too - but I don't like being called a "fat quarter bundle," or my least favorite quilting term to be called would be a "jelly roll."

By the way, if you have any granddaughters or daughters, Clint's sister started a new website with beautiful dresses. She is having a sale today only for $25 dresses and free shipping. If you put in the promo code "Judi Madsen" then you will get a free gift. Go check out the details on her blog here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life's not fair..................

It's really not! I have all this fabric, all these incredible pre-cuts just sitting in my living room and I can't have them!!! I keep telling Clint which jelly rolls, layer cakes, and fat quarter bundles that I want and he just says - you don't have time and we can sell these!

So, when you are debating on whether or not to make your hobby your business, think twice - seriously because it becomes your business and your hobby seems to be put in the "I don't - you don't have time -" zone.............. Or, think twice before you put your husband in charge of buying fabric, he get's a little controlling. Don't worry, I love the man like crazy, but come on, what's a girl with out her own fabric stash? My stash is getting smaller and isn't growing and believe me I am not happy about it.

Have you seen Lilly and Will? I have, it's sitting right here, staring at me - my baby is a boy and this would be perfect - but it will sit here until it is shipped out to our lucky customers who don't have someone reminding them about their lack of time. I so want this in a layer cake and jelly roll, and we have some. It was funny because yesterday I told Clint that I would pay him for the fabric and he said "Our money is the same." I just can't win. I will take donations though, if you want to help me. Just kidding of course, but please, go and buy our new September pre-cuts and make something out of them, then send me a picture and I will enjoy looking at your pictures and your chance to make your own project!

Help me!!! I need to create! I have plenty of drawings and new designs on paper, but my sewing machine is tucked away, and just waiting for me. I will have time someday right? The husband and kids take most of my time, the quilting takes the rest right now and I am really trying to figure out how to just get more, but don't worry I wouldn't change being a full-time wife and mom first with anything.

Just in the nick of time we were sent a free sample of fabric and it's boy fabric, so free fabric equals - It's all mine, like the cheesy grin? I don't, but I am happy to have a little something right now to add to my diminishing fabric stash.

Oh, go and get some jelly rolls, we have a ton of them on sale for $26.95.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Theresa's quilt part 1

This is a quilt by Theresa called "Alaska Wildflowers." I had a lot of fun with this quilt. This is one quilt of two quilts that I am quilting for her, I have her second quilt on the frames now. She hasn't seen this one finished yet, so it's a first for her. I hope she likes it.

I did small swirls for the background, small echoing for the flowers and some connecting runs for the squares and triangle blocks - with a little feathering in the big triangles.

Of course here's the back. I love the feather border. I really have fun with feathers and never bore of them. I hope you don't either. What is fun with feathers is that you can really change them up and have fun - they never have to look the same on each quilt.

I love the backs! And as always, don't forget to check out our AMAZING deal of the week. We have our fat eighth bundles on for a great price!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some quilting pictures...

Not much to say, but I had fun with this quilt. It worked up pretty fast and I like how it turned out.

I always love the back - these feathers were so fun!