Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Proof that I can hand quilt!

This is one of my first quilts. I loved squares because they were easy and I was crazy about brights. This quilt has been used and abused by my little girl, but I think it looks pretty good for being five years old. I did hand quilt this and as much fun as that was, I will never do it again because I love getting things done fast and you all know that hand quilting takes time.

Here's a picture of the whole quilt.


Anonymous said...

It's not abused.....just loved! I think it is a pretty quilt for sure! It is nice to see you let you use it rather than "save" it!

Wendy said...

I've hand-quilted too. The last quilt I did was my first attempt at machine-quilting, and it's the absolute BEST for getting the job done quickly! However, I really need lots of on-the-job-training (or something!) because it wasn't the best of jobs... But I know my Mom will love it anyway.
Just as your daughter *loves* the one you did. And with good reason. It's really cute! :-)

Missy said...

Very sweet quilt! Isn't great when someone loves what you've made for them?

I also love to hand quilt, but I'm not very good at it. I tend to poke my finger under the quilt so much I'll bleed. Much safer for me to use my machine!

karenfae said...

love the colors!

Julie said...

your quilt is lovely. i've never attempted hand quilting....those tiny needles make me wonder.
perhaps one day i'll give it a shot.

Natalija said...

Wonderful quilt :) And still looks great!

Barb said...

I love to hand quilt too but like you, I like to get a project finished (well.....that is a lie, I have a million projects still not finished....hummmmm) but faster is better. I love hand quilted items and I have done a few in the past. You did an awesome job, love the quilt.

Nanci said...

It's very feminine and I love the colours. It must be very soft from all the loving it's had for 5 years.