Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some things I love...

I love little hands.

I love little feet.

I love a whole drawer full of quilting thread!

I love green fabric!
I love graph paper. I use graph paper to start a new quilt design and in this case I used it to figure out how many numbers to use in my random drawing for my giveaway.
As you can see, or not if it is too small; the columns on the left represent the comment number and the numbers to the right represent the numbers assigned to the comment. I had 131 comments (looks like more, but there were more than one comments from a few of you) and twenty-eight of you qualified for 5 entries. That made a total of 243 entries. Comment 102, number 196 won the random drawing.

Congratulations to Cristie from Arlington, Washington.

I would like to thank you all for commenting and entering the drawing, my first giveaway I am happy to say was a success. Please check back often for my quilting tips, new designs and great giveaways. Take Care----------- Judi

Oh, in case you are wondering, I use Superior Thread, So Fine! for my quilting.
And I have fabric on my website here. Check it out!


Nancy said...

Congratulations Cristie !!! Yes, I'm envious but truly am happy for you. Enjoy the beautiful bag and fabric, I would, LOL. Judi, my sis in law sent me some Masterpiece Thread by superior to try piecing my tops with. Very low lint, very very fine, great stuff, I love it. Thanks for a fun giveaway, even though I didn't win, it is still fun to participate.

Cristie :) said...

Oh MY GOSH!! My hands are shaking as I type this!! I am SOOOO excited and extremely greatful!!!! This is a HUGH highlight for my week!!!! Thanks again for the opportunity! Your work, your's all amazing! I can't wait to "show it off" as I tote it around town! Have I mentioned how happy I am!?!?!? :)

Linda said...

Congratulations Cristie!
Beautiful pictures! :)
I am also a lover of hands and feet! For Christmas my children got me a ring that has feet of different sizes all around it! :)
Very glad your first giveaway went well! Thank you for taking the time (and effort - ohmyfreakishword! the graph paper idea is great!) to host! :)
Wishing you a wonderful day to enjoy everthing/one you love!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner and to you Judi for getting word out about your patterns and all!!

Cybele's patch said...

Congratulations Christie. You are a very lucky girl!

Angela said...

What a fun idea!
I love your cute hand and feet pics :)

Cristie :) said...

I got it! I got it!! I also blogged it!
Thanks again! :)