Thursday, December 25, 2008

Labor of Love! The quilt is finished.

The completed quilt.
I am the one on the bottom left.
I had a fun time quilting this quilt. I did a swirl with a flower design throughout the quilt using my A-1 long arm machine. This is my original design and is a one of a kind. I made this quilt as a tribute to my wonderful parents. They had eleven children and we were truly blessed to have such incredible parents. My mom taught me how to sew and from there I learned to quilt, so I owe a lot to her patience in teaching me. This is just a thank you for all they both have done for me in my life. The fabric I used is Cotton Blossoms by Bonnie of Cotton Way and Camille of Thimble Blossoms for Moda Fabrics.


Leslie said...

I am really quite new to quilting and would really love to see this in action with a tutorial. Does the machine do the pattern on it's own or do you guide the machine to make the stippling pattern. (That's what it's called right?? haha! You can tell I am a beginner for sure!!)Thanks!

Judi said...

I have a long arm machine and I do the stippling pattern by guiding the machine free hand. Some machines have computers that do the pattern, but I do all my designs free hand.