Thursday, November 13, 2008

Green Fairy Quilts Charity Trip

Clint is back from Romania and the trip went better than ever. We found needy people who appreciated a warm quilt on a cold night. Here is a portion of an email Clint sent me while he was there.
"I just had an incredible experience. I did go to the Archway Foundation like I planned, but ended up going far beyond that to give the quilts away. Here's what happened. Tonight both the director and president of the foundation were there. I had already met the director, Gico, he's the man I spoke face to face with Thursday. I sat down with the president and explained why I was here, and what I wanted to do. She loved the quilts, and was so grateful I brought them. She explained what Gico had explained to me, that they find kids in terrible situations, bring them in and take care of them the best they can. She also explained how funding has run out, and they can't take in any more kids than what they have now. She told me the kids would appreciate the quilts, but suggested we go out and find the kids on the streets who would need them more. I was all for it. We hopped in their van, the director, president, a couple kids and myself, and went off to the location they've seen the most need in. Judi, it was the saddest thing I've ever done. We stopped, got out of the van, and walked into a field. It was getting dark, and we walked around a manhole, or sewer pipe, and I was told that was where some of them lived. I have pictures of it. We walked a little further, and along a fence was a makeshift shack built out of sticks, garbage, metal, and some old, old blankets on top to keep moisture out. Inside were a mom, her two little kids, and a couple other people. I explained why I was there, and they were eager to receive the quilts. It was cold out, and will only get colder, and these kids didn't even have coats. All they had were layers of clothing. We walked back to the van, and I began giving the quilts away to the little kids. They took them with huge smiles, as I wrapped them up in them. I gave one to each mom as well, as a few other moms climbed out of the sewer pipe underground. They looked at me with sad eyes and asked if they could have one too. I of course gave them one, as they explained they had kids underground that were cold. I ran out of quilts so fast, even had to turn some people away. It was so sad. It was cold, and they were in such need. I explained to those who didn't get one that I'd be back as soon as I could with more, but that it wouldn't be til next year. It was so sad. We sat and spoke with them for a minute, only to learn that underground one of the pipes had burst and killed one of the kids a few days ago. Apparently that has happened a number of times. If this Archway Foundation had more money, they could take in more kids from areas like these. Also, quilts are needed like crazy. I could have given away twice as much, just in this one spot. I took pictures of what I could, and a little video back at the Archway Foundation. At least those kids at the foundation have a place to sleep, and food to eat. I'm glad I was able to give the quilts to those who needed them most. To make matters worse, they had no food. A lot of them were breathing heavily into bags, which I saw a lot of as a missionary. Apparently that helps a little with food craving. It subsides your hunger a little. This Archway Foundation used to come out with food each day to feed these people in the sewer and shack, but ran out of money."----
As you can see there are so many out there that are in need of help and we would love to get help to these people in Romania, and hopefully more place following that. We plan on going back as soon as we have enough money donated. We will also be taking quilt donations with us. If you would like to help us out you can donate here on our website


Nielsen Family News said...

You guys are the best- way to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate!

Judi said...

thank you!

Angela said...

Wow, it definitely makes you grateful for what you have and want to do more!!! Thanks for doing what most of us could never do. What an amazing trip!

Jen said...

absolutely incredible!! Wishing you the best!


Jen said...

Let's get the word out!! I am with you!