Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Patchwork Christmas Wall Hanging and Mini Quilts

All new pattern!  This amazing pattern is based off my very popular "Patchwork Christmas" design.  I    thought it was time to make this quilt a bit smaller so it could be enjoyed on a wall or on the couch.  

I  had a lot of fun piecing and sewing this wall hanging together. 

The quilted border design made this quilt just pop. 

I  love how the corners came together.

The process...just divide the space and draw out the design. All of these designs are available in the pattern

And did I  forget to mention mirrored pillows?  Um, yes, thank you very much!  They are so darling! 

I  used 60wt thread and all one color (cream) for the entire project. 

It is fun to see the two sizes together. Have so much fun putting these darling quilts together! 

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