Friday, March 1, 2019

Celebrate Quilt all Finished!!!

 I am happy to share my quilt, Celebrate, with you today.  You may have seen sneak peeks of this darling top on Social Media, but today is the final reveal.  I mentioned a few months ago that I design for a new company, Honest Fabric, and this is one of those designs. Right now, until tomorrow, you can get all of my designs at 25% off by using the code, ILOVEJM25 during checkout at Honest Fabric.

I talked a lot about how I feel quilting with polyester fabric in this post and this one, so check those out and then come back and finish reading about my Celebrate quilt

I really spent time marking out this beautiful quilt top using my QuickMark Assist ruler - I had fun coming up with several designs and the borders turned out to be my favorite part of the quilt. I measured out 4 inches from the edge of the rows of squares to make the border even, my QuickMark ruler was perfect for that measurement. 
The quilt that I quilted is the Celebrate Fall White, the one that isn't quilted is the Summer White panel.  Both colorways are totally fun and there are 9 colors to choose from.  Which one will you quilt? 


The quilting is free-motion with a little ruler work and a whole lot of fun! I used MicroQuilter thread for the top, I love the thinness of this thread

Minky as backing for the win!  This quilt top is so darling and with the minky, it is super soft - even with all my quilting. 

This is my current project, my Magic Windmill Orange panel, just a little sneak peek for you.  I am absolutely loving it so far! Stay tuned for updates and don't forget to go and get a quilt panel and start quilting! I cannot wait to see what you create!

I have also added all my Green Fairy Quilts patterns in PDF form on my website, check them out here and use the code DIGITAL to get 20% off your order until March 4th.  


Hettie Pringle /Stitchingmatters said...

Love this, just ordered mine (White Summer) and now have to patiently wait for delivery to South Africa.

Helen T. said...

The quilts are beautiful and the quilting takes my breath away.

Tammy said...

I don't know how you do it. Your quilting is AMAZING!