Thursday, April 16, 2015

MQX 2015

Even though I do not like to fly, it is hard not to appreciate the beauty from up above.

I convinced my sister Amy that she needed to come with me to MQX and I am so glad she came.  She was incredible and the best help to me.  She even force fed me in the mornings, you'll have to ask her about that. ;-)

I was worried about making sure I had time to adjust to the time difference, so we flew in a day before I was supposed to be there for the Ice Cream Social at MQX.  We got a chance to enjoy Boston for a little bit and I thoroughly enjoyed the Boston Tea Party Museum.  I love history! 

I also love being to enjoy the textures and quilting inspirations that can be found everywhere! 

The best part of teaching is being able to quilt!  I love being able to share what I know and have my students try it out and gain confidence in their own quilting. 

I taught 9 classes at MQX - three hands-on and 6 lecture demo.  

I really can't thank you all enough for coming out.  I had the best students and they made me feel so welcome.  Really, thank you!  I am humbled to know that you wanted to take my classes. It's so surreal most of the time to realize where quilting has taken me, but I couldn't have gotten here without the encouragement from all of you.  So again, thank you!

I was able to meet Lisa Calle - she is so amazing, talented and really, really nice.  So lovely to meet her. 

Of course, Helen and Jenny were there and we had the best time together.  I seriously love these girls!  It was fun having dinner as our sister duo.  Let's make it happen again girls at HMQS

This pizza was a welcome sight after a week of salads and granola bars.  It was just what we needed to celebrate the last day of class.  Thanks again Amy, you are the best! 

I want to come back, seriously.  Maybe next year?

In the meantime, I am preparing to leave for Paducah next week. I am sneaking in some quilting too.  Watch for my next post on the progress of my newest design, Bohemian. 


utahoosier said...

Ahhh... loved living vicariously through your blog & photos. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your travels and adventures with us. Also, love-loe-love your quilts!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I enjoyed your class so much! I took one of your lectures and learned a lot! It was a thrill to meet you and Amy. Hope you come back again next year!

Sarah Craig said...

Can.Not.Wait.for your class at Paducah!! See you there!!

Leeanne said...

I will continue to dream of the day when I can have some classes with you.

Rike Busch said...

Looks like really amazing days for you! And the quilt pattern is beautiful!
Greetings, Rike

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Awesome scenic photos! Sounds like you had a lot of fun, all worth it!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

You and your sister are cuties.... er, I mean, BEAUTIFUL!!!
Your quilting is beautiful too. What wonderful photos of your adventure.
Love always

Michele said...

I just loved, loved, loved my classes with you. Can you tell that I had a great time. You are so down to earth and real and I learned so much from you. You gave me a TON of confidence and although some of my shapes still need work (dang vibrating machine) I at least know how to make the shapes and can't wait to try them on my own machine. Thank you again for everything and I hope to see you back at MQX next year.

Anonymous said...

A some others I am soon looking forward to take you classes some day in the future. Even though I don't own a LA (yet) I know I will learn a lot.

Lucky lucky all of your who have been in a class with Judi.

Have a lovely weekend before you leave for Paducah. I have always wanted to go there, maybe one day?

Lisa H Calle said...

It was so wonderful to finally meet you as well. I have admired your quilting for quite some time. You are just as I had imagined... warm, funny and a genuinely nice person. Hope to see you in Salt Lake City

Lisa H Calle

JL said...

It was great to finally meet you Judi... love that you brought Amy and happy that you had a nice MQX Experience. Looking forward to having you back with us again.

Janet-Lee / MQX