Tuesday, September 9, 2014

San Diego and winner of giveaway!

 So this last week I went to San Diego for the San Diego Quilt Show.  I had a wonderful time and met some amazing people.  Clint and I made a trip of it, so it was fun being together just the two of us. I was amazed at the beauty of San Diego - I hadn't been downtown before this week and I absolutely love it there!  

 I had fun in my classes and met several wonderful people.  It is funny that I still get a little nervous each time I teach, but I am getting better at it.  I had someone tell me that the minute I don't get nervous is the minute I stop caring - I liked that thought because I do care and I really hope for great classes and a good experience for anyone taking my classes.  

 One thing I wasn't prepared for was that the local news station came into my class.  You can watch the video here:  Warning - the reporter says "blanket" several times.  We all know it is a quilt!  Seriously.  Then, he wanted us to chant "we love quilting."  It's all good fun, but you can see how I really feel about chanting when I give two thumbs up and a sarcastic smirk! 
I was nervous at first on camera because he asked what machine this was and I knew it was a Handi Quilter longarm machine, but my brain stopped for a minute - you will see that and I think it was totally funny!
I had a lot of fun with the ladies and gentleman in my classes, thank you so much for coming!  
I spent a few days in California, but will share more of my adventures in a different post. 

Okay, to the giveaway winner from forever ago - so sorry about the delay.  Congratulations to Mimi from ModMimiQuilts for winning the QCR and Kit from the sisters at Sew Kind of Wonderful! Email me at judi(at)greenfairyquilts(dot)com and I will forward your info to Jenny!  Thanks so much! 


Sharon said...

Glad you had a fun trip!

Rebecca said...

I'm relieved to see that you had students...I was really concerned about the "glitch" you mentioned.

About the report: I am so glad they showed you (finally)! Starting out with his granny, and then the total hand-work lady just did not give a balanced view of quilting today.

Also, re: "blanket"...I have a good friend who has watched me quilt for a number of years (and I have made a couple wallhangings for her family) recently say "blanket" referring to one of my quilts. Honestly?!?

Sew Stitching Cute said...

So glad you enjoyed San Diego! San Diego is where I was born and raised until 5 years ago when I moved to Kansas City with my husband. I miss it there and especially the scenery and the beaches, oh the beaches! Hopefully one day you'll be back and I will be able to see you there again! Lovely interview and it makes you even come off more natural anyway! LoL Great job!

Lisa said...

Hi Judi! I watched the video! I laughed out loud about the awkward cheering. :)

Leeanne said...

Funny video! You did well! I wonder what the guys grandmother thought of him calling quilts 'blankets'?

Teresa said...

You are a good sport Judi - I think you did very well.
How dare he call our work, "blankets." Oh well, we must continue to educate. Glad you had fun in San Diego.

Gene Black said...

Ha ha... calling quilts "blankets" is one of my triggers. I would have given him/her quite the lecture on the importance of using the proper word especially when reporting news.

Slight nerves are a good thing. They tend to keep you on your toes. If I am not a bit nervous before any performance, I know it will go a bit flat.

Congrats to Mimi

Judy1522 said...

That was a great video. I enjoyed watching you on tv you did just fine. I had to laugh at your response when he asked you if he could quilt Fox 5. Maybe he will be a quilter in the making.