Saturday, October 20, 2012

Road Trip!


Me, my honey and my sparkly peach shirt took a road trip this week. We had a fabulous time!

First stop, Panguitch - a small Utah town about two hours northeast of here. I love that there is quilting inspiration everywhere I go.

This is a monument to the Pioneer Men who used their quilts to travel across snow to get food from a neighboring town.  It is a touching story and it always makes me cry to think about it.
Read all about it :-)

Close up of the detail of the quilt. I think sculpting a quilt would be way more difficult than piecing one!  :-)

And the infamous Butch Cassidy has made his appearance here too.

After a walk around the cute old town and a fantastic dinner, Clint and I drove to Bryce Canyon.  We have both lived in Utah our whole lives, but have never been to Bryce Canyon National Park.  It was so beautiful - and we didn't get the chance to see the whole thing. These shots were taken as we were driving and I wish we would have had time to stop.  It seriously was so beautiful.
So, naturally next year we plan on taking the kids to see this. We can not wait. Isn't the earth so beautiful? The diversity and scenery everywhere we go is just so amazing.

We arrived at the hotel for a quilt quild trunk show and my cute honey was so helpful bringing in all my quilts. It was kind of funny because the place was packed and we were walking in with a bunch of quilts and I don't know if Clint would admit it, but I think maybe that was a little embarrassing for him. He's a good sport.

Me and my sparkly shirt with my quilts. I can not believe I made all these and I don't even have half of the quilts I have made in this group. I wish I would have kept a list of all the quilts I have made.

And me talking about how I got started quilting..It was a great group of ladies, they treated me so well!
Talking about one of my first quilts, Checkered Flowers - still one of my favorites!

Me trying to figure out my quilting path, it's been a long time since I quilted this quilt, so it was a challenge remembering what I had done.

I think the best part of what I do is being able to share it with quilters who appreciate the time and effort that quilts take.  I always get nervous to do presentations, but it is so much fun and the nerves usually leave when I get to meet other quilters.  I really had a fabulous time!  Thanks for letting me share.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  


Deborah said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt walker story. I teared up too! How fun to be in that audience. I would love to hear you speak someday.
Big fan,

Kathleen said...

Way to go Clint! And you too, of course!

SewCalGal said...

What a fun trunk show and road trip. So happy that you also were able to visit Bryce.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we were in Utah last year and I read the story of the quilt walk - we were not by the area that has the monument and will have to look for it another time.
What a wonderful display of quilts that you have!

Janet O. said...

I've lived in Utah all but three years of my life--I've heard of the quilt walk, but I have never seen the monument. Haven't been to Bryce Canyon since I was a child--eons ago. Would be fun to see one of your presentations--if you ever get to the other end of the state! : )

Mona said...

Thank you for sharing the story and the trip. I love your work!

Barb said...

What fun!!! I am sure everyone enjoyed you being there... Your quilts are amazing.

I too wish I had kept a list, I do not even have one tenth of what I have quilted. Of course, I in no way put myself in your are amazing.

Christine M said...

How amazing was that quilt statue. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'd love to visit there one day and see it in person.

Jenny said...

That's awesome Judi, how lucky for your audience!! Would love to see your quilting up close and in real life. ;o)

Susan said...

I would love to attend one of your presentations, maybe one day. :) Lovely scenery and lovely quilts.

Jan Marie said...

Judi, It was fun to see you, Clint, your gorgeous quilts and your sparkly peach shirt(Dianne and I both commented about how cute it was) at guild the other night.
We enjoyed your quilts and I can hardly wait to get started on the checkered flowers pattern I bought. Thank for coming and sharing your talent. If I can make this work here is another link to the quilt walk story as told in "golden nuggets of pioneer history"

Dawn said...

Lovely commentation to the Quilt Walkers. Someday I hope I get to see your wonderful quilts in person.
Bryce Canyon is absolutely stunning if you can visit when it snows. It's open even in the snow. The contrast between the red rocks and the white snow is gorgeous. We were there in April of 2009 and it started snowing the day we arrived but we soon discovered we were extremely glad it did. The snow on the rocks is something I would not have wanted to miss.

Keri F said...

Thanks Judi for sharing that amazing story of the men. It made me cry. I am a working mom too and it's great to see how you try to balance it all just like me. :) Thanks again for sharing. Your blog is really terrific. cute shirt!

Melissa Corry said...

So fun!! Looks like a wonderful presentation. And a random funny, I was in that exact same room this summer for a Youth Conference. Ruby's Inn is lovely!! And Bryce, beautiful!!! Next time you are up this way for a presentation give me a holler. I would love to attend!

Rebecca Grace said...

I wish I could have been there, Judi. I'd jump at the chance to see your work in person. Please let me know if you're ever speaking or teaching near the Carolinas!

Karen said...

Wish I could have been there - I know you did a great job! Would love to see your quilts in person one day.

Linda in Arkansas said...

Isn't Utah so beautiful? I passed through on a motorcycle and totally forgot everything as I was looking at those beautiful rock formations. I can't believe how pretty it is. I bet all the quilters love being at your presentation.

Heritage Keepsakes said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. The whole post is amazing from the trunk show and all your beautiful quilts, to the amazing story of the men that did the quilt walk.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

So many wonderful and amazing quilts!! :) Have a great day! Hugs, Holly