Friday, October 16, 2009

As promised the winner, and some quilting pictures.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered my giveaway and all the incredible compliments on the table runner. I hope you have had a chance to get yours finished. So, without further delay the winner of the finished orange and green table runner is Deb from Mountain Musings!

Congratulations Deb! Please email me your address at

This was a Christmas quilt I finished on Monday, I think it turned out great, but my favorite part of this quilt was how I finished the tree trunk, knot holes and all!

I tried to make the tree look like a tree with some wavy quilting.

This was a fun flag quilt done by Emily, I have done a lot of projects for her and just another fun one. She wanted a Silver Beaver on this flag quilt to represent an award in the Boy Scouts that her father received. So I quilted the whole quilt in silver thread and quilted the beaver in there too. This picture does not give the quilt justice.

This is a close up of the flag stripes, it was fun to quilt this one.

Last but not least I hosted a girls night out and we had some fun putting together the pumpkin table runner. Melissa, Emily and Heather came and it was really fun. When the runner's are finished I will get more pictures. We will do this again soon!


CJ said...

AWESOME quilting! WOW!

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Congrats Deb

Wow what a beautiful table runner. I have never quilted only a rag quilt. I have always wanted to learn..How did you start out and is there any books out there that you think would really help a first timer.

Hugs Pam

Jocelyn said...

Love the quilting! It really looks beautiful.

Susan said...

Yay for Deb! Hers is the link I followed to get here and enter. It's super neat to see a friend win! :)

LindaSue said...

Hi Judi
I just got a link yesterday to your web site and then blog from Pat at Pattilou'squilts blog. I linked to her last year from the Sunshine yahoo group. She lives in Utah also and my daughter just moved to SLS area two years ago. I got to visit her and meet Pat last Nov when I went out there.

I just watched your video from Sept. What can I say. It must have been a wonderful heartfelt trip. I have to tell you that your hubby must be a really wonderful man. The smile on his face looks like it came from deep within his heart. You are very lucky. I too have a wonderful husband and feel lucky also.

I have been making some string and crumb quilts for children. Would love to send one or more to you and your hubby for next year. My blog is and my email is

I live here in the SE area of Alabama not too far from Dothan. I love to quilt and now have found a way to spread a little love to children in need. I lost my son when he was 11. It was over 30 years ago and the large hole is still there and I doubt will never go away. I know that he would be proud of his mom knowing that I have found a little happiness and am doing something I love.

I didn't mean for this to be so long.

Please write to me if you can and have the time. Hug your children and take care. What you did was a wonderful thing. I know your dreams are sweet things for all the love and goodness you have spread out to those children.

Thank you for reading this. Take care.

laura west kong said...

That's some beautiful quilting, thanks for sharing!

Deb said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm thrilled to have won! I love the way you are displaying your pumpkin runner on the wall, too!

My favorite part of the tree quilt is all the little circles quilted underneath the tree!! Love your work!

Cindy said...

The quilting is simply fantastic!! What an awesome look to the tree. I wish you'd show a pic of the entire quilt - please. (or did I miss it somewhere?)

I'd just love a girls sewing night - with coffee, snacks, sewing and "gab". Sounds like a great way to spend an evening.

Sewing hugs and blessings...always.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind showing the entire Christmas quilt? I love your quilting you did on it. Is there a pattern that you used or did you make your own up?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful...another fantastic job by YOU!

Melissa said...

Oh my!! Why is this a close up picture of me? It was really fun to get together and begin quilting. What can I say, I'm almost hooked :) My husband won't like my spending on fabric and stuff...

Sherry said...

I have to say I watched you video when you put it up and thought OOO its looks easy for you to do. So I have been asked to make 18 pillows and I'm quilting them. Its not been the easyest so today I tried the way you showed us. And guess what it was alot easier. Its not perfect but I did my second one it is was better so with lots more practice I will get it. I would love to take a class for you but your to far.