Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flat Seams

At the seam intersection unpick the three small stitches on both sides.
Open the seam, it will look like a four-patch, then press the seam down.
You can do this with all your seam intersections that match up to four squares or triangles.
Finished product. Your seams will lie flat and that makes for easier quilting.

I am going to start sharing a few quilting tips that I have learned. This first one is for flat seams. I wish I would have known this trick when I first started to piece quilts. It is amazing how a flat seam can change a quilt and make it easier to quilt, especially machine quilting.

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Susan's Sewing Room said...

Thank You, that is very helpful as I am a visual learner. That makes for a nicer look at the seams.