Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorite New Products!

So, we got yardage in from my new favorite fabric line called "Oz" by Sanae for Moda fabrics. I love this fabric and I only buy what I like. We are slowly but steadily expanding our shoppe and this new line would be perfect to add to your stash! Check out our fabric page here to see all that we offer!

I love this jelly roll "Nautical and Nice" by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics. We have added several new jelly rolls to this page as well. We have a valentines sale going on and anything pink has been discounted. Check that out here.

My absolute favorite new product is this layer cake, "Plume" by Tula Pink. She is one of my favorite designers because she puts in so much detail to the design, I mean check out the feather! I love it.

So, go and check out what's new at Green Fairy Quilts and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Deja vu

I always like putting finished quilts on my bed, it makes me feel like they are mine for a minute, then I give them back. This particular quilt I have done before. It was kind of my "big break" quilt if you know what I mean. It's hard for any long-arm quilter to get started, but it just takes one quilt that the customer likes, then your name starts getting passed around. I quilted another one of this "Buggy Barn" quilt back in March 2009 for Scrap Apple Quilts. They still have it up in their store and it makes me feel good knowing that they liked the quilting enough to hang it. So, when I got this same quilt and Sharon told me to quilt it exactly like the one in the store, it was easy on the creative part because I had already done one. So, Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to quilting this quilt and I put the binding on this morning. It's nice to be finished, moving on to the next project!

I love how the basket is quilted, I tried to make it look like a basket just making lines and following them.

The border is way fun because I kind of mimicked the flowers in the quilt and puffed them out with some stippling. Love it!

So-my advice to people who are starting up their quilting business to just go for it. It takes one quilt to get your name going and pretty soon you will have so many quilts that you have to tell people you are 8-10 weeks out. Crazy, but it's fun!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cutest quilt, with a new layer cake!

This is my "Layers of Love" quilt pattern and it is simply cute! I made it with a Boutique layer cake and I loved how it turned out. I am happy to say that we have the Boutique layer cake and jelly roll in the shop, you can find them here! You can throw in a jelly roll into this pattern to make it work for the block frames and the binding, so here's the deal if you want to make the same quilt and buy a boutique jelly roll and layer cake from my shop, then I will throw in my pattern "Layers of Love" for free! Yahoo!

This is just a shot of the whole quilt, it's a fun one to make, that's for sure!

A post wouldn't be fun without some quilting pictures, so here you go! I loved how this quilt turned out. I did some simple custom work, but it played with the quilt perfectly!

Here's a closeup of the center of the quilt!

I really like quilting feathers, they make me happy! :)

Last but not least, the winners for my bag and Jen's bow giveaway are:

For the bag - PandaRea - she said "I love the mediums... They work so well with just about everything!
Pick me pick me!!!"

For the bow set - Kai - she said: Sorry I need to use my son's account name to post here (he will be so excited to find out tomorrow :) but what I love about Jen's bows is she just knows how to put those colors together! I have one of her bows and it is made to last. She is very detail oriented and her bow constructions are well thought out. I must say that her models are pretty darn cute, too. :)

Okay winners, email me your address at so I can get them sent out to you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So the self-indulgence has been fulfilled--I made myself this bag! I love it! Yahoo, I can't wait to tote it around! I quilted the large print and realized that I had enough of it to get two bags, so I couldn't help myself making two. I worked on this project late last night until 1:30! I shouldn't stay up that late, but I had Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion to keep me happy! Got to love it!

Check this out, I even made sure to have the handles match up with each other. Sometimes I think I have a little OCD going on, but I have to have things looking great. So, here's the deal. I made two bags, one for me and one for someone else! Read on to find out how you can win one of my bags!

See this cute bow? My sister Jen made it! She is the best and has the cutest website! She sells the best and cutest bows and some darling dresses. She is going to throw this cute bow and headband into my giveaway! So, a bag and a bow are up for grabs and two lucky winners will be pulled randomly on Friday! So hurry and enter. Here's the thing, go and check out Jen's site here and then come back and tell me what your favorite thing is on her site. That's all you have to do to get one entry. If you do want five entries then go tell your friends, blog about it and be sure to tell me!

Go be Jen's fan on facebook here and check out her blog here! And with this giveaway Jen is giving a 25% discount on your entire order off her website if you enter "greenfairy" during checkout!

So, good things here, I know this is a quilting blog, but surely you have granddaughters, daughters, cousins and neighbor girls that are in need of the dang cutest bows ever! So go check it out and come back and enter the giveaway.

If you are wondering, I used my "Quilted Bag" pattern to make my two bags, I just used two colors instead of five and didn't piece the main part of the bag, so if you want to make your own you can get the pattern here! You just need 1 yard of cute big print fabric and 1 1/2 yards of the trim and lining! (Plus batting and lining for the quilting)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sharon's quilt!!

Sharon is so cute and she is a precise and perfect piecer when it comes to quilts. This is my first quilt that I have quilted for her and I really enjoyed this one. Sharon is Emily's sister and if you have seen Emily's quilts, you know that Sharon has a different spin on piecing, but I love both of their styles!

Sharon's request on this quilt was to have smoke coming out of the chimney's and this was my take on that! I hope it's what she had in mind. I had fun with some feathering too.

I am seriously having a hard time giving up these quilts. I'll tell you that much. I really need to make something for myself! One day soon I hope.

Love this picture, but don't you just want to pull that thread off! Sorry, I wasn't about to re-hang the quilt for another picture though.

Here's the center of the quilt with a cool feather design going on. This worked great because the center was small enough to make it fairly easy to draw out this design.

Here's the center back of the quilt. I love it just as much as the front!

A closeup of the feathering.

One more closeup! I feel like I am getting into the grove with the quilting, I finally have my calendar schedule so that I don't feel overwhelmed with quilting and the goal is two quilts a week, if they are big and I will add in another one if I have a small one. Trying to balance out life is crazy, but I think I have finally figured it out. First and foremost is the family and if I keep myself on a schedule, then the quilting and designing will come along too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some more quilting pictures and some self-indulgence....

First a picture of my baby! I loved this picture, and I have been playing with photoshop, so a blue picture was too fun.

Here's a cute purse quilt done by Nedra of Cactus Needle, I did a lot of shadowing (echoing) in this quilt and I like how it turned out. I am still struggling with going around circles, I just can't seem to get them exactly right. But, then again I have to remember that I am not a computer and I can't get everything perfect. If I did, what would be the fun in that?

Here's a close up, love it! The quilting just worked out perfectly for this quilt.

Here's the self-indulgence part:
Clint got me a $20 dollar gift certificate to Scrap Apple Quilts for Christmas. I was so thankful because it's been a long time since I just bought fabric for myself to make something for myself, but I did look at him and said "twenty dollars? What can I get for twenty dollars at a quilt store?" So, I spent more than that, he doesn't need to know how much and I bought these cute fabrics to make me some new quilted bags to carry around. Don't know when I will get to them, but I am hoping soon.

I love this show, it came in the mail last Saturday and I have already watched it (listened to it) three times. Do yourself a favor and go get it. I got mine on for 14.97 brand new! Love it! I am a total sucker for Jane Austen and especially BBC versions, they are the best. Don't tell Clint but I bought this a few minutes ago, I have the videos, but I need the DVD's! So, if you are in the mood for some self-indulgence yourself, we still have our Moda pre-cut sale going on and things are moving fast so hop on over here!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Huge sale and the Green Fairy's name!

First things first, some shameless self-promotion. We have our Moda pre-cuts on sale here, so check it out. Get them fast while you can because the sale is only for three days! We have some of our jelly rolls and layer cakes as low as $17.50, that's the lowest price we have ever had them. Plus we got some new ones in like this and this.
Our Love U jelly roll is the deal of the week at only $25.95- I love this line!
Our turnovers are as low as $6.95, honey buns as low as $9.95 and charm packs as low as $5.50. So, go get some goods! Oh, and the best yet, any pre-cut pattern on my site, (I have five of them) are on sale for $5.00 - yep that's right just 5 bucks!

Get the cute Gypsy Rose layer cake for only $17.50 here!

So, now that I have the shout out about my website out of the way, and believe me it's hard to shout out about the business because Clint makes me! I just want to show pictures of my quilts and fun things I am up to, but we do have our online shop to run, so you will have to put up with a little bit of self-promotion. Anyway, I loved all the comments on the Green Fairy! I was so torn on what to name the doll because it will be the dolls name and also a name that will be an upcoming design - so I had to have one that I thought would work for both. I narrowed it down several times, but always came back to this name ---- Serendipity! I love it. So cute! Here's the comment and the winner:

how about something exotic like 'Seraphina' or 'Serendipity'.. it is a gorgeous doll...

Happy New Year to you!


So, Lissa email me your address at and I will send you out something fun!

Thanks again everyone for the great comments! More quilting pictures tomorrow!

Take care!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a day!

Today was awesome! I was in the midst of giving Micah a bath and we had a surprise knock on the door. It was my parents! Yahoo! They really know how to surprise and they have the "pop-in" mastered! I love it because we live so far away from them and I said my goodbyes on Sunday thinking I wouldn't see them for awhile. What a treat, I had the best day with them. The kids were so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa too, they were much more hyper than usual and that is saying something. It was so great. I love you Mom and Dad!
So, the parents came and I didn't get quilting done today, but I did get a quilt finished last night. Here it is for your viewing pleasure....

This quilt is called "All Dressed Up" and the design is by Nanette of Freda's Hive. Nedra of Cactus Needle pieced it and she did a beautiful job. I have yet to tell her it's finished because I was distracted by my parents showing up, sorry!

This is another one of the quilts I will have a hard time giving up. So much goes into quilting and a little bit of love with each one. I have yet to quilt one of my quilts like this, but one is in the works and I can't wait to share. But I have to get a few more quilts done first!

It was fun bringing each dress to life, this is such a fun design. I filled in the background with some circle pebbling. I love it!

I loved the back on this one just as much as the front.

So, there you go! Another quilt finished, two more this week I hope! Crossing my fingers! Oh, I need a few more names submitted for my Green Fairy, it's not that I don't like the names given, but it's like naming one of our kids - Clint and I don't agree on anything. I am sure I will end up just choosing the name myself, but I just need a few more to chose from! More than one suggestion is more than welcome! Thanks for all the help!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Green Fairy

It's been a long time in between posts for me. I had a wonderful Christmas break with the family. It was the first time in a long time that I was able to enjoy myself and not worry about what I needed to get done. My brother in-law Todd and his wife Shan were so nice to let us crash their house for a week and a half. We had good food, great parties and unbeatable movie nights in Todd's theater room. My mom took me to the Fabric Center to pick out fabric for my Christmas gift this year. Each year she has made a quilt for one of her children and it's finally my year. I have waited 7 years for this, but just because I am number 7 in the line up. I can't wait to get it, my bed has needed a new quilt on it for some time, but I have yet to make myself a quilt. I picked out fabrics from Simple Abundance by Bonnie and Camille. Gorgeous line! I was able to go to my uncles funeral, it was a sweet experience and I got to see a lot of cousin's I haven't seen in a long time. My sister Abby did my hair, it looks very similar to what I did here, but we put in a little more red! It was overall the best week and I am so glad we took time off to go up to Salt Lake.
Oh, and the best part about being up there was when I was brushing Lili's hair one night and she looked up at me and said "Mom, I am going to love you forever!" I just looked down at her and started to cry, then she said "Yeah, I was thinking about that." These little moments make being a mom the best job out there.
Last but not least is my "Green Fairy" doll. My sweet mother-in-law bought this doll several months ago and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. The doll is so beautiful and it was such a thoughtful gift. Now I have a "green fairy" to look at every day. The doll needs a name, so that's where I need some help. I want to name the doll and then I will use that name for an up and coming design. Any suggestions would be welcome. Leave a comment with your suggestion and the person's whose name I pick will be sent some prizes from me, aka the Green Fairy!
Thanks to everyone for making 2009 a successful year for Clint and me, and here's to 2010 and all it will bring! Now I definitely have to get back to work!