Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Evening!

Well this week we were surprised and grateful to get another order from a distributor. The Eagle Pattern Depot has made an order and so we have our patterns with them. We also have our patterns available at and

Check us out!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Afternoon!

I just thought I would tell you what is new in the life of Green Fairy Quilts. We just bought an A-1 Quilting machine, the check is in the mail and the machine will be here on October 7th. I can not wait until it is up and running because I need to quilt again! I have a few more quilt tops that need to be quilted before Clint goes off to Romania, so I will be working frantically before the trip to get about 10 more quilts done. Pictures will be coming soon. I can't believe we are going to own our own quilting machine. We will be providing quilting services as well, watch for information about that to come in the next few weeks. I think I love this blogging thing. It's great. Take care in the quilting world!


Froggie Goes a Courtin'

Featuring "Froggie Goes a Courtin' " designed by Gayla Nielsen. You will love this fun and easy pattern. It is a theme quilt using frog fabric, but it can easily be converted into any theme quilt using whatever fabric you like. You can purchase this great pattern here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All kits 30% off!

Check out this cute quilt kit. It is called Micah's Quilt and is made with the cutest dinosaur fabric. The kit includes fabric for the top of the quilt and the binding, plus the pattern. All of our kits are 30% off and we are offering free shipping on our website for orders inside the USA. We need to make room for all the fun new designs that will be coming out at the beginning of next year.

Green Fairy Quilts Charity

Green Fairy Quilts has a charity we would like you to know about. Since we love quilts and that is our passion in life, we thought it would be a great idea to share our love of quilts and give them away to kids in need. Clint has been to Romania and has visited the orphanages there. The kids are so cute, but lonely and have nothing of their own. So, come November, Clint is taking a huge pile of crib-size quilts to Romania that I have made and he is going to make sure that the children receive their own quilt. It is going to be awesome. We would love any donations to help us out, all proceeds will go towards the cause, you can donate here. Also, we would love your crib size quilts, they will be taken on our next trip. Watch for the photos coming in mid-November.

Hello All!

What's new in the Green Fairy world? Well, we recently got picked up by the mail order catalog Clotilde, so look for a few of our patterns there. One of my favorite patterns they picked up is titled "Brown and Pink Spring." It is a fun lap size quilt that uses brown and pink fabrics, one of my favorite combinations. It is so easy to make using techniques such as strip piecing and machine applique. I am all about easy quilting. So take a look at the patterns on my website:
"Judi's Album" and "Butterfly Fields" are also available with Clotilde and on my website.

"Brown & Pink Spring" by Judi Madsen