Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Joette's quilt finished!

This may be a world record for me because I have finished another quilt after finishing one just last week.  I have some deadlines coming up - and some family getaways that need to all mesh together to make it so I get everything done in time.  Anyway, trying to get all I can finished so I don't get too stressed out - yeah, that's funny ;-)  So, this quilt.  It's super cute, right?

Joette made this adorable quilt and she did an amazing job.  It is Happy Halloween designed by the talented Amy Bradley. After you see all the pictures of this quilt you are definitely going to want to make this quilt.  So, buy the pattern here and follow Amy Bradley here

I used two layers of batting.  Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs cotton wool.  I love the combo of the two batts together!  I used Superior Threads Metallic Antique Silver for the top thread and 408 Silver So Fine for the bobbin thread.  I used that same combo of thread in my Serendipity pattern and I happen to love this thread combo a lot.

I felt like this quilt needed straight lines.  I didn't want any of my quilting to take away from the cute little monsters and the Happy Halloween center.  Although, the spiderweb in the corner is just the right touch. 

Because I can get bored with the same old design in each block I thought it would be fun to have one block in each row have diagonal lines.  This also ties in the lines and movement in the Happy Halloween center.

So cute.

I had a lot of fun with the border, little marking and a lot of free motion quilting.  The bats turned out perfect and I really had fun with the spiderwebs. 

For the sash design I wanted to quilt connecting curves in diamonds, but I did not want them to be uniform.  It made them look more like spiderwebs and the effect is perfect.  I really love the shimmer of the thread.  This picture doesn't give it justice compared to seeing it in person. 

Really, really love the border.

Joette used a solid backing for the quilt. Thank you!  I love seeing the texture of the quilting on the back and this quilt looks amazing on the back. I love all the cute little character outlines.

The little guy, bottom row and third over makes me laugh.  Seriously.  So funny.

So, as I was quilting and saw the black with the stripes for the texture I kept thinking of the movie Oscar.
Totally random I know, but the suit Sylvester Stallone (like a baby's behind) wears reminded me of the movie and I can't stop laughing.  One of my all time favorite shows. "Oh, we gonna make a you look like a banker." 
So ya.  I love it.  I hope you do too! 

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Barbara's quilt finished.

Hi everyone!  So glad you are still around this blog, I hope ;-) If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you would know that I have finished this beautiful quilt made by Barbara. I know that this pattern is a Pam Bono design, and a Block of the Month - but I haven't been able to find it online and I can not pull up  I do know that Pam Bono passed away last year, which makes this quilt a little more sentimental to me.  It's amazing to see the impact she has had on the quilting community and her designs will be a testament to that.  I just hope that my quilting compliments the complexity and beauty of her designs.  

So, like I said, Barbara made this quilt - it's beautiful.  It isn't a white background, more like a peachy color and it was so fun quilting up.  I used Pearl Fil-Tec Glide for the top and Magna Glide bobbins for the bottom thread.  I used two layers of batting - Hobbs 80/20 and Cotton Wool.  Love that combo.  

When I first laid the quilt out I saw a "garden gate" possibility with the layout of the quilt.  The center of the quilt was perfect for the center of the gate and the outside border area is perfect for the iron work quilting.  So, the design for the swirl motif came because of the "garden gate" theme. 

The only thing that I pre-marked on this quilts was the "X" center in the quilt and I marked out equal sections in the outside borders.  Everything else was marked as the quilt was on the frame and as I advanced the quilt. 

The outside borders were given a swirl motif treatment.  If you are new to my blog, you may not know that I make my own templates from cardstock and trace them onto my quilts using a purple disappearing marker. I then free motion quilt the designs on my A1 Longarm, no computer work here. For the straight lines I use my favorite ruler, found here.
Each of the pieced blocks were given a design of their own.  I had too much fun here.  The wide open spaces in the quilt top are right up my alley.
Instead of having swirl motifs for each "iron work rung," I decided to add diamonds to the mix.  I think the two designs complement each other and you will see that they are a common theme throughout the quilt. 

The way the texture of the quilting meets together is so magical.  Seriously.  The pictures show what they can, but the texture in real life is even more amazing.  I really love what I do, so fun!

I used a mixture of background fillers as well.  It was really fun mixing it up so that the textures weren't the same throughout the whole quilt.

This quilt is going to look amazing on Barbara's bed.  I wish it could stay on mine. 

This shows the diamond motifs that I tried to carry out through the quilt.  The sash design is just perfect for this quilt.

The back. Love. 

I hope you love the quilt.  I am happy to have a finish under my belt for 2015.  Make sure you stay up to date with my schedule and I will see you at MQX, AQS QuiltWeek Paducah and HMQS.  Classes are filling up, so get your spot reserved now. All info can be found here.

Thanks everyone!  Happy Weekend!