Thursday, May 5, 2011

Checking in with a Giveaway!

I feel like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Seriously - it has been crazy around this house lately. I feel like I am doing laundry all the time, the kids (boys) just don't know how to keep the sheets dry - (seriously, it's getting old). Clint and I have been back and forth to Lowe's to get supplies to finish the upstairs room above the garage - carpet comes today - yay! The dishes seem to need to be done every day, why? And - the two seconds I have to spare each day are going to quilting - lots of quilting, gorgeous quilting at that and I can't even share it right now! -Sigh-

Anyway, it's good and crazy and that is how I like it! If I were just a little more organized I wouldn't feel like a scatter brain half (all) of the time. I am way excited for next week - Market in Salt Lake! I am going to be there, it's my first time going to Market ever and I can't wait to check it out and meet everyone! I am flying up with Noah and I hate to fly, but because I am so excited to go - I don't even care that I am flying!

Here are the culprits aka "peeing machines" - if they weren't so cute I would have to be mad about washing their sheets all the time!

This little dude (the baby) :) is not guiltless either - I had to wash his sheets this morning - I never had this problem with Lili. Okay, probably a little TMI, but that's what's going on in my life.

Okay - great news! You know Riley Blake Designs? Well, they are a Utah company and I love their fabric. I have made several of my quilt designs using their fabric and it's about time that our little shop carries their fabric. We just got in "Sew Cherry" it's an adorable line. We will be carrying all the pre-cuts from this point forward, so be sure to check our Riley Blake Designs page on our website as we keep adding inventory.

We also got Fat Quarter Bundles of "Trick or Treat" by Doodlebug Design Inc for Riley Blake Designs. So cute - and that is where the giveaway comes in. We will be giving away one of these cute "Trick or Treat" fat quarter bundles to one lucky person.

Rules: go to our "Pre-Purchase" page and tell me what pre-cut is your favorite for each of the following months - July, August, and September - one pre-cut from each month - which are available for "Pre-Purchase" by the way to guarantee you receive them before they go out of stock!!

Good luck - I will announce the winner on Monday night! Good luck everyone.


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Andrea said...

Dogwood Trail
Terrain (!!)

all FQ bundles!

Miss 376 said...

Arboretum Jelly Roll
meadow friends

oh what a choice

Debbie said...

Have fun at market!!!!

July - Natures Gift
August - Hometown
September - Preppy Plaids


Monica said...

I'm all about fat quarter bundles. For July I'd pick Swiss Holiday. For August it would be Sophie. And my most favorite would be September's Curio!

Thank you for the chance to win.

the woolen cellar said...

Sew Cherry (awesome!)
Summer House

Joyce said...

July: Reindeer Games or as we say in Ohio....RAINdeer games

August: Amelia

September: TerRAIN

Do we sense a theme? Way to much rain in Ohio!!!!!

Have a wonderful time at market!

MN2NM said...

Layer cakes or FQ bundles in:
Summer House
Rooftop Garden
and a tie for August:
Curio and Terrain - two of my favorite designers!
Thanks for the giveaway!

moshie said...

Amelie (!!!)

tellad said...

July - Oops-A-Daisy
August - Rooftop Garden
September - Lately Arrived from London
Beautiful choices, all of them!
Thanks! Teri Dingler

Cathy said...
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Rhonda and Julie said...

It's a tough decision but I have been eyeing some of these fabrics for months.

July - Oops a Daisy
August - Hometown
September - Sophie

Thanks for sharing.

liberal sprinkles said...

Have fun at market! and good luck with laundry hehehh. Fat quarter bundles please..

Summer House
Rooftop Garden

thanks for the chance!

Staci said...

Safe trip! Take lots of photos for us, okay?

Ooops A Daisy!

Cathy said...

okay my three are
King of the Ranch
Meadow Friends
all Fat Quarter bundles. Love them all.

Donna said...

Bella Solid - Neutral
Muslin by Primitive Gatherings
Grace by 3 Sisters

Leah said...

Panier de Fleurs for July
A tie between Meadow Friends (Blue) and Summer House for August
Together for September

Such fun eye candy, wish I could play with them all.

Catskill Quilter said...

Love your pre-cuts!
Meadow Friends
Trick or Treat

Heather said...

July - Oops A Daisy Jelly Roll
August - Hometown Fat Quarter Bundle
September - American Banner Rose Jelly Roll or Terrain Fat Quarter Bundle

quiltercaroline said...

Hi My favourites are July - Natures Gift, August - Amelia, September - Terrain (lots of lovlies for September though!) Thanks for the giveaway. C

Heather A said...

FQ Bundles of ...

July - Summer House
August - Rooftop Garden
September - Terrain

ALL delicious!

Mini MNM's said...

July-Oops a daisy

Kira said...

Meadow in Blue or Nature's Gifts
Terrain or Amelia
Little Gathering

I don't like flying either, but I love to be in different places.

Bailey said...

July - Summer House
Aug - Rooftop Garden
Sept - Terrain

Thanks for the chance!

Annaliese said...

It's mean just letting us pick 3, there are so many great ones!

July: Summer House
August: Rooftop Garden
September: Curio

janice said...

I love fat quarter bundles so there is always enuf fabric.
July- Summer house
Aug- Amelia
Sept- Terrain

Thanks for the giveaway!

mingdai said...

Natures Gift (July)
Amelia (August)
Coming Home (September)

It's hard to pick just 3!

Ming (

Teresa Silva said...

Your boys are adorable...
My favorites are:

Summer House


Kelly said...

July - Meadow Friends or Summer House (I can't narrow it down to one!!)
August - Amelia
September - Terrain

Such beautiful fabric coming out soon. Thanks for the sneak peak and the chance to win!

Angela said...

So many pretty choices!
July - Dogwood Trail
August - Sophie
September - American Banner Rose

Thanks for the chance to enter! :o)

Quilt n Queen said...

Good question.....tough decision

July........Reindeer Games

Thanks for the chance to win some 'gold'.

Sew.What. said...

July - Nature's Gift
August - Hometown
September - Terrain

Heartsdesire said...

Very hard to choose but:
July - Summer House
August - Hometown
September - Together
And what handsome men you have in your family!

FML Crochet said...

July - Meadow Friends Pink
August - Little Gatherings
September - Terrain

Very gorgeous lines coming out!

Maroesja said...

king of the ranch (perfect for boys!!!)
both terrain and cabane batiks

Thank you for the chance to win!

Deputy's Wife said...

I am on a Christmas kick right now and I love the Nature and Elegance fabrics!

I am the sheet washing queen in our neck of the woods. We have three boys and all have night time problems. The oldest (10) just grew out of it last year, the middle (9) is coming out of it, and the youngest well... let's just say it will be awhile.

Pediatric urologist told us that if there is a history of bedwetting, you can count on your kids having it. The only thing that worked for us was the medicine. When they were older, we gave it for three months and it helped immensely. Good luck!

mariebeers said...

Wow--hard choices. July--Little Gathering Fat Eight Bundle. August--Hometown Jelly Roll. Sept--Snovy Eve FQ bundle. Thanks,

Melinda said...

I LOVE Dogwood Trail, Terrain, and Rooftop Gardens!

Kathryn said...

These choices may be a little eclectic, but for July - Swiss Holiday, August - Rooftop Garden and September - Curio. Kathie L in Allentown

Willa said...

September is Terrain, FQ
August is Little Gatherings, FQ
July is Nature's Gift FQ

Favorites are always hard to pick!

Natasha said...

July - Summer House Fat Quarter Bundle
August - Little Gatherings Fat Quarter Bundle
September - Curio Fat Quarter Bundle

This was a hard decision.

BarefootTams said...

July - Meadow Friends (FQ bundle).... I can't decide between pink or blue though...
August - Amelie (FQ Bundle)
September - Terrain (Layer Cake)

a little bit biased said...

You don't need to enter me in the giveaway (even though I am dying to get some of that Sew Cherry fabric!) but I just wanted to tell you that your boys are adorable and I can't wait to meet you at Market! See you soon!

Gigi's Thimble

Jill S. said...

OOOOOOHH... I love alot of them, but my favorites are :

Summer house for July
Amelia for August (although Sohpie is a close 2nd)
terrain for September

Very very pretty fabrics!

marth225 said...

This is great
July .. Rooftop Garden
August ..Cababa Batiks
September ...Zabaubar

Thanks for the chance

Tanya said...

July- Santas Little Helper (I'd had chosen anoher but then saw those sweet little sock monkeys)


Renee said...

July- Meadow Friends, in blue
August- Summer House
September- Nature's Gift

Diane N said...

What a fabulous giveaway!

July - Reindeer Games Fat Quarter
August - Hometown Fat Quarter
September - Cabana Batiks

Jenny said...

Oops a Daisy
Panier de Fleurs

great selection...any precut makes me happy, but FQ bundles are delightful!

Kate said...

July - Meadow Friends & Reindeer Games (I refuse to pick a favorite)
August - Sophie
September - Terrain

CJ said...

July- Summer House
August - Hometown!!!!!
September - Curio

Paul said...

July - Meadow Friends in Pink
August - Amelia (Hometown is a VERY close second...)
September - Zanzibar (My daughter LOVES animal prints...)

Thanks for the chance to win...


Ida said...

7 - Dogwood Trail
8 - Little Gatherings
9 - Cabana Batiks

Life In A Pink Bunny Suit said...

July - Oops A Daisy
August - Sophie
September - Terrain

Those boys are just way too cute - and paper plates help so you don't have to do dishes!


Jessica said...

July: Oops a Daisy!
August: Rooftop Garden!
September: TERRAIN!!!

Tiffaney said...

July - Santa's Little Helpers
August - Sophia
Septermber - Terrain.

However my favorite on the pre-order page is Farmyard arriving in May

Sarah said...

July - Natures's gift
August - Little Gatherings
September - Terrain

Dawn said...

It's a hard choice

Snowy Eve
Little Gatherings
American Banner

LynCC said...

July - Reindeer Games fat Quarter bundle
August - Amelia Layer Cake
September - Terrain Layer Cake

Erin Marie said...

I thought it would be easy because I get to choose THREE instead of one, but no...

July - Meadow Friends
August - Sophie
September - Terrain

drmithome said...

July-Summer House

Lisa Marie said...

Wow, you have some gorgeous things coming in! My favorites: July - Meadow Friends, August - Amelia, September - Terrain. Fat quarters are always my favorite since I don't know just how I'll use the fabrics until I hang out with them a while!

WoolenSails said...

There are so many wonderful new fabrics, it is tough to choose.

July: Meadow Friends
August: Hometown
Sept: American Banner Rose


Megan said...

July - Santa's Little Helper
August - Sophie
September - Curio

all layer cakes!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Ohhhhhhhh what a difficult choice...ok...July- Meadow Friends
Sept.-Lately Arrived

These would look so nice in my sewing room....

Laura said...

July - Santa's Little Helper
August - Hometown
September - terrain

Bree said...

July...Winter Wonderland fq bundle!!!
Ausut, love the simplicity of Hometown.. fat quarter bundle, of course.
September is Terrain, for flipping sure. Charm pack's my poison for Kate Spain.
AWESOME giveaway - I'm lusting after that line!

Lorie said...

July - Terrain - this line SCREAMS summer to me!
August - Summer House - lovely!
September - Trick or Treat - I LOVE anything Halloween and by September, I'm ready to bring it on!

Lorie in NC

Quilting Yai Yai said...

Have a great time at market!!

I like FQ Bundles

July - Oops a Daisy!
Aug. - Little Gatherings
Sept - Cabana Batiks (because I'm a batik NUT!)
Thanks for the chance to win!!

Kim said...

How fun that was too see what's coming out later in the year! My picks would be:
July- Natures Gift
August- Hometown
September-Coming Home

Batata factory said...
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Terri said...

I recently bought my first FQ bundle, and I just love it! I can cut it up into any size pre-cut that I want. My favourites today (and it changes daily!)are:

summer house (July)
amelia (August)
Cabana Batiks (september)

Thanks for the opportunity, terri in bc

FabricDonkey said...

Summer House, Little Gatherings and Terrain. Thank you!

fabricdonkey at gmail dot com

Vickie said...

What a great giveaway!
For June I pick Elegance
July I pick Meadow Friends and for August I pick Hometown!
Thanks for a chance to win!

Lynda said...

I would choose OopsADaisy/Rooftop Garden/Terrain for July, Aug., & Sept. It is hard not to choose any christmas or batiks, but those are my choices and I am sticking to them...thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Elisa said...

So many beautiful fabrics (but my favorite is still the RB Trick Or Treat fabric - Riley Blake does awesome Halloween fabric! Used some last year with my Boo To You embriodery!). My pre-purchase choices are:

July: Meadow Friends (Pink)
August: Rooftop Garden
Sept: Terrain

LOVE all the bright colors!

Dee said...

Nature's Gift (July)
Little Gatherings (August)
Lately Arrived Form London (September)

It was nice to see some lines I didn't even know were coming out. Have fun at quilt market!

Meg said...

July - Summer House
August - Rooftop Garden
September - Terrain

JayTee said...

July....Flurry layer cake (I have to start Christmas projects in July!!!)
Aug....Sew Cherry strip bundle
Sept....Modern Workshop charm pack

sandytoesbride said...

July - Opps a Daisy
August - Cabana Batiks
September - Terrain

It was sooooo hard to choose!!!

Denise said...

I'm trying hard to play by the rules but there are too many choices!Seriously!
July- Meadow Friends and Summer House
August- Rooftop Garden and Sophie
Sept- Cabana Batiks
Love them all!!!

Helen said...

What a choice! My precut choices are Dogwood trail (July)
Amelia (Aug)
Terrain (Sept)

in any format!!

Thanks for the giveaway - have fun at market!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Judi, what cute little guys you have. :)
precuts I would choose are-
Arboretum JR
Swiss Holiday FQ bundle
Sophie LC

A VERY hard choice as they are all fab.

Katherine said...

Layer Cake of Meadow Friends
Layer Cake of Sophie
FQ Bundle of Terrain

Four dogs and one quilter said...

Hard choices!
July: Summer House
Aug: Amelia
Sept: Terrain

Alina said...

My choice would be:

July--Meadow Friends Fat Quarter Bundle
August--Hometown Fat Quarter Bundle
September--Coming Home Fat Quarter Bundle

Thanks for the chance!

devinkirsten said...

Dogwood Trail

Angela said...

Hard to choose! Lol

July - Summer House
August - Hometown
September - American Banner Rose

They are all fabulous!!

Dianne said...

Oops a Daisy

Maureen said...

Oh my goodness Judi! What a wonderful giveaway! You & Clint totally rock!!!
Decisions, decisions but here are my choices:
July=Summer House
August=Rooftop Garden
September=Coming Home
Thanks so, so much!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Sounds busy, hang in there!

July: Summer House
August: Hometown
September: Curio

Travel safe and enjoy SLC, it should be beautiful right now!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

July - Oops a Dasiy, I have been looking forward to that for some time :)

August - Hometown, I just love Sweetwater!!

September - Terrain!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!!

Kelsey said...

Summer House

I love them all!

Keep Stitchin' said...

Oops a Daisy



In that order, July, August and September

Love them all!!

Anya said...

Dogwood Trail Jelly Roll
Amelia Jelly Roll
Terrain Jelly Roll
Thanks for the chance!

Lisa M. said...

Tough to choose! Fat Quarter Bundles of Summer House (July), Amelia (Aug) and Lately Arrived from London (Sept)

Judi said...

I can NOT do just one you have so many beautiful fabric coming in!

July tie between Oops a Daisy and Summer House
August tie between Rooftop Garden and Sophie
September tie between Curio and Coming Home and Terrain

I usually buy charms to get a taste, but wish I had money (and space) to buy the cakes.

Have a blast at market!!!

Lori said...

Busy, busy mom! thanks for the chance to in! goodluck with the boys!

connie said...

What a fun giveaway! I would pick Summer House for July, Little Gatherings for August and Cabana Batiks for September. What a selection you have!!!

Amy said...

July - Snowy Eve or Reindeer Games
August - Amelia
September - Coming Home

Kathy said...

July - Daisy Jelly Roll
August - Amelia
September - Terrain
Have fun with the boys! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. I LOVE the Halloween bundle. Too cute.

CaraQuilts said...

Dogwood Trail Layer Cake
Hometown FQ Bundle!
Curio FQ Bundle!

I can already tell that Hometown and Curio are going to be in my all time favorites list! I'm going to need a lot of these!

Tracy said...

I like Dogwood Trail from July (its my favorite girly), then for August Sophie and September Terrain. Beautiful new stuff coming!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love #1 Dogwood Trail, #2 Together, and #3 Panier de Fleurs. They are all beautiful!

Linwood & Margaret said...

My favorites "today" are
Elegance Reindeer Games Curio

Duff said...

Holy cow do you make cute kids!! How do you handle a family and a business? (okay, I just remembered your 'passenger' on the long arm). I love that we get to see what's coming--great giveaway!
July-nature's Gift (black and xmas is really calling to me)
August--Hometown (it looks a little calico-y but then I saw big dots and numbers! ooh!)
September--Terrain, hands down!

Dear Gina said...

Sew Cherry

Summer House


Hope you enjoy Market!

Patty D from NC said...

have fun to look at all that fabric. I like Summerhouse (July), Amelia (Aug) and Coming Home (Sept)

Donna said...

Love fat quarter bundles!

Summer House

Have fun~!

Pam said...

Your boys are adorable!

July-Meadow Friends

Karen said...

Summer House
Little Gaterings
Lately Arrived

Hann said...

July - Meadow Friends
August - Hometown
September - Sophie

Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. My selections would be:
July - Meadow Friends
August - Amelia
September - American Banner Rose

Melissa said...

Blue Meadow Friends

Rooftop Gardens

Coming Home

Loving them all:)

Deborah in Atlanta said...

How hard it was to pick just one! Your boys are adorable, and these fabrics are to die for! Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

My choices:

July - Nature's Gift
August - Amelia
September - Curio

The Sweeter Sweater Company said...

July- Oops a Daisy
August- Sophie
September- Terrain
So many cute fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win!
paskettc at gmail dot com

karen said...

I love so many - how can I choose!!!

WEll, here goes -
July - Summer House
August - Sophie
September - Terrain

Thanks for the chance to win!

Nancy D. said...

July - Summer House
August - Rooftop Garden
September - Terrain
Thanks for having a giveaway!

Christine M said...

What lovely little boys. I have three boys and the wet beds do eventually stop!!!
They are all so lovely. My picks are:
Summer House
French General.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

debby_knott said...

I like the Flurry layer cake.

JanetK said...

If money were no object, I would get FQ bundles of:
July - Oops a Daisy
Aug - Rooftop garden
Sept - Terrain


Janelle said...

July - Oops a Daisy
August - Amelia
September - Zanzibar Skins

Thanks for the great giveaway!

kbzelazny said...

It was tough choosing, but here goes-
Summer House
Sophie Charm
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Quiltjane said...

July - Summer House
August - Sophie
Sept - Terrain
Thanks for the chance to enter your great giveaway.

Cori Lewis said...

I can't pick one for each month... July is just full of goodies... and my birthday:
July: Meadow Friends, oops a daisy
Auguat: Summer house, hometown
September: America's Banner & Coming home.

All have been added to my wish list.

Judy V said...

July- Summer House
August Amelia
Sept- Terrain
But I love them all. Thanks for your great giveaway.

Danielle said...

Here are my choices:
July: American Banner Rose
August: Summer House
September: Coming Home

The Happy Wife/Danielle
ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com
Twitter: The_Happy_Wife

pbs said...

I love:
Summer House
Carbana Batiks.

Thanks for the give away!

Love your family pics!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

July: Swiss Holiday
Aug: Amelia
Sept: Coming Home
Fun seeing what's coming! Thanks for a chance at that darling Halloween fabric bundle!


Sondra Sonka said...

July-Meadow Friends pink
August-Amelia (love this one!)
September-Cabana Batiks

Sondra Sonka

Wendy said...

Judi, thank you so much for this opportunity! I'm sorry about the laundry ... very sorry! This too shall pass? Lousy words but they are true :) And yes, they are too adorable to get too mad at ... frustrated yes, but staying mad, nah.

My picks would be:
July - Summer House, jelly roll
August - Amelia, layer cake
September - Terrain, jelly roll

Again, thank you and have an awesome time at market!!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Oh I am so excited!! I like the most.....meadow friends, king of the ranch and Sophie. So excited for the western print!!

Tiffany said...

Oops A Daisy
Have fun at Quilt Market!!

Chelsea said...

I'm so excited for you heading to quilt market. I'm going to try my hardest to make it next year!

My picks are:
Meadow friends

And I'm hoping I got the names right because my memory is awful!

Wivi said...

My picks are

July: Summer House
Aug: Amelia
Sept: Curio

They are all lovely.

Bolo heads said...

I had to go back and read the instructions.
July - Dogwood
August - Amelia
September - Terrain
Now if I could only the find all that money I would be set, and content in sewing bliss.

Pat V. said...

Lots of lovely fabric, I have to go with:

July: Dogwood Trails
August: Sophie
September: Terrain

Celeste said...

Summer House

All in FQ bundles, of course.
Thanks for the giveaway!

I wash sheets almost daily because of my peeing machines.

Cheryl said...

So hard to narrow it down, but:

July - Oops a Daisy
August - Hometown
September - Sophie

Good luck to everyone!!

manybooks said...

Oh, that was fun! And my favs are: Meadow, Amelia and TERRAIN! ...drooling...

Jennifer D said...

I love...

July- Winter Wonderland
August- Rooftop Garden
Sept.- Terrain

Jo said...

Ok this is not easy so many pretty fabrics!
July-Oops A Daisy
August-Rooftop Garden
Thanks for giving us a chance at this giveaway!

Ruth B said...

So many gorgeous choices!
July - Summer House
August- Sophie
September- Curio

Krum Family said...

Summer House

Thanks for the chance to win. I love fabric!

Kris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sandra said...

Three, hard to pick but
Arboretum, King of Ranch (for my grandson) and Curio. Thankss

Marcia W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

Summer HOuse
Thanks for the great giveaway.

Marcia W. said...

FQ bundles
Wonderful giveaway - Thanks for the opportunity - my choices are
J-Oops A Daisy

Kris said...

July-Summer House

Great giveaway! I love your blog!

Karen Wilson said...

July - Meadow Friends
August - Amelia (because it was nearly named Abigail, and I considered naming my daughter Amelia instead of Abigail!)
August - Terrain

My three favourite designers again!
Thanks for the giveaway, they make the blogging world so much more fun ;)

Brenda said...

Wow, there are so many nice precuts....

July-- Summer house
August-- Amelia
September-- Cabana Batiks

I LOVE trick or treat though, and have a halloween project coming up! What a nice giveaway!

Janet said...

Have a grand time at market! Thanks for the chance to win. Here's my picks:

July - Summer House
August - Amelia
September - Curio

Patti said...

I feel your pain regarding the peeing boys. I only had one and I was pulling my hair out too. lol It lasted util he was about 7, you have a while I'm afraid.

Michele said...

July- Summer House
August- Hometown
September- Terrain

Charm Packs.....can't get enough of them! What a fun giveaway :-) Thanks!

Natasha said...

I love Summer House, Hometown, and Winter in the Pines FQs. Awesome bundles coming in!

Pat S. said...

Lovely fabric bundle hard to pick favorites!

July: Meadow Friends
August: Little Gatherings
September: Cabana Batiks

Thank you sew much for the chance to win!!!

See Spot Shop said...

Snowy Eve

Have a blast at Market!

Patti said...

Such great fabric coming!
In July I liked Santa's Little Helper.
In August I liked Amelin.
In Sept. I liked Panier de Fleurs.
Patti Sha.

Patty said...

I like it ALL!!! Oh all right,
July==Meadow Friends in Blue

all so pretty

Gretchen said...

Oh it's always so hard to choose!

July Summer House
August Hometown
September Terrain (with Lately from London in a very close second!)

scottylover said...

Oh it is so hard to pick! If I must, then here they are:

July: Dogwood Trails- I wanted to get some of this in Paducah last week, but never made it to the quilt museum

August: Sophie

September: American Banner Rose

Thanks for the chance to win!
Sandy A

The Rx quilter said...

Oops a Daisy, HOMETOWN-my fav by far!! and Terrain...can't wait for Hometown! Lisa in Texas

Holley said...

July: Meadow Friends
August: Amelia
September: Terrain

Those are just gorgeous fabrics to look forward too.

Thanks for the give-a-way.

RenegadeQuilter said...

I would take fat quarter bundles of the following -

July-Summer House

Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

Marie said...

I stink at making decisions but here it is:
July: Terrain
August: Farmyard (it was between that and Meadow Friend)
Sept: Hometown (can't wait!)

Oh, the favorite pre-cut size is layer cakes. Used to be charm packs.

p.s. Have a great time at Market!

OhioMomPatriot said...

Snowy Eye, Hometown, American Banner Rose! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

jennifer said...

Yummy choices:)
Dogwood Trail
Coming Home
or anything else.

Laura Beech said...

Meadow Friends
Hometown!!-I can't wait for this one!!

Sarah Craig said...

Summer House

I thought it would be hard, but those were the clear winners for me!

paulette said...

You are SEW I know what's coming and what's going on my wishlist!!...and it's more than just 3 lines of fabric!!
July...Reindeer Games
Aug. Little Gatherings
Sept. Late Arrival from London

So many good lines coming out...Thanks for the GA!

Sharon P said...

July - Dogwood Trail
August - Sophie
Sept - American Banner Rose

OhioLori said...

Wow!! AWESOME choices!! Hard to pick faves tho LOL!!

July - Dogwood Trails
August - Amelia
September -Terrain

Thank you for chance to win!!
Have a GREAT day!!

Hugs!! :)

Quilter in the Gap said...

July - Summer House FQ Bundle
August - Little Gatherings FQ Bundle
September - Terraine FQ Bundle

thanks for the giveway...I don't know how you are keeping up but I will continue to pray you have all the energy you need

Ned's Place said...

My picks are
July - Summer House Love the bright floral and stripes.

August - Hometown, because I love the reds,blues and words on fabric.

September - Panier de Fleurs I just can's go past any French General without buying it and I like the darker blues in this range.

Cindy said...

What a hard choice! Thanks.
July:Nature's Gift
August:Little Gatherings

Lee Ann said...

July: Meadow Friends FQ bundle (blue)
August: Rooftop Garden FQ bundle
September: Cabana Batiks FQ bundle

I have to tell you that I also like the Zanzibar Skins Fat Quarter Bundle (September).

Thank you fro a chance to win!

Michelle said...

Hi, thanks for the chance of a win,
July-Santas little helpers,
August-Little gatherings,
September-Trick or treat,
Your boys are very cute and I know it seems like hard work now, but make the most of them being so small and cute, my little boys are 14,16 and now it's smelly socks and wet towels on the floor!!! Still gotta love them thou!
Happy stitching, Michelle

Shannon said...

Love the Fat Quarters

Santa's Helper
Preppy Plaids

Pam said...

July - Summers House
August - Together
September - Panier de Fleurs

FQ Bundles

Thank you so much for the chance to win.

Dee said...

Summer House

Rooftop Garden


All FQ Bundles!

Mary said...

July - Summer House
August - Hometown
September - American Banner Rose

I could have picked at least three for each month - you've got lots of great stuff coming.
Enjoy those boys - my youngest just got married Saturday - time flies.
Have a great time at market.

Jacqueline said...

mmmm - July - Summer House - August - Ameila - September - Terrain. Love them all. But you said to choose, so I chose! =)

Jo said...

July - Oops a Daisy
August - Amelia
September - Terrain (love love love)
Thanks for the giveaway!

RobynK said...

July - Oops a daisy
August - Winter in the Pines
September - Cabana

Out of my 3 kids my boy was the 'piddle-pot'. Give your toddlers lots to drink in the morning and try to ease off in the late afternoon when they are usually less active. Preferably no drinks an hour or so before bedtime. Hope this helps with the 'overflow'!

Bonnie said...

count down to christmas
oops a daisy
sophie and curio (can't decide!)

Joanna said...

I like the layer cakes
Meadow Friends
Rooftop Garden

Leah said...

Santas Little Helpers
Rooftop Garden
Preppy Plaids

~Carla~ said...

Natures Gifts, Sophie, & Zanzibar!! Gorgeous fabrics! :) (Hope I did this right!!!

Ann Flowers said...

OH my so many choices. All of them are lovely.

Here are mine:

July: This is such a lovely set for sure so i pick Dogwood Trail Fat Quarter Bundle

August: Wow it was hard to narrow this month down lots of color themes I liked I pick, Rooftop Garden Fat Quarter Bundle

September: Since it will be my 10th anniversary September 1st, making it my favorite month of the year. I have to go with my all time favorite fabric.I pick the Cabana Batiks Fat Quarter Bundle. Enough fabric for 2 turning twenties oh my.....I am drooling!

Thanks for sharing what is up and coming, how exciting!

Ann Flowers

noga quilts said...

Meadow Friends
Summer House

МамаФиалка said...

July: Summer House

August: Amelia

September: TerRAIN

Have a wonderful time at market!

Charlotte said...

July = Summer House
Aug = Hometown
Sept = Coming Home

Thanks for this chance!

Julianna said...

OK, since I had to narrow them down here is the list:

July = Panier de Fleurs
Aug = Terrain
Sept = Summer House

Peach Rainbow said...

July - Dogwood Trail
August - Amelia & Sophie
September - Cabana Batiks

Lilly said...

July: Dogwood Trail
August: Sophie
September: Curio

Thanks a lot for the chance.

Deb said...

July Meadow Friends
August Hometown
September Terrain

Thanks for the chance to win!

Julie Thompson said...

Trick or Treat!

Kriza said...

arboratum jelly roll

thanks for the chance! and your kids are soooo cute!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

July - SUmmerHouse - JR
Aug - Meadow Fiends - Blue - FQ
Sept - Preppy Plaids - FQ

You need to try 'good nites' - childs (depends) for night wetness

Briawna said...

I can't tell you how excited I am that you're carrying Riley Blake pre-cuts!!!!! Love that stuff!

July-summer house FQ
August-Hometown FQ
September-Terrain FQ

Thanks! This was hard to narrow down.

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