Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Birthday Giveaway!!

Okay - so I just wanted to celebrate Noah's birthday by giving away an Origins Fat Quarter Bundle. Yahoo - excellent giveaway if I do say so myself. I do request that you earn your drawing into the giveaway. So, here's the deal - go here and tell me your favorite pre-cut from each of these four months - January, February, March and April (you must list 4 different pre-cuts). We have pre-ordered all of these pre-cuts and we want to know your favorites.

Be sure to spread the word - that will give you another entry. Please tell me when you do.

Oh - and if you want to buy an "Origins" fat quarter bundle we have them on sale for $69.95 - unheard of since they retail for $110.00. Get them while you can - and if you buy the bundle and win the giveaway - we can exchange the one you win for something else.

Good luck everyone - you have until Friday night!


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Dianne said...

January - Central Park fat quarter bundle; February - Oasis fat eighth bundle; March - Le Petit Poulet Layer cake; April - Just Wing It fat quarter bundle. So many good things coming up...VERY hard to choose!

scottylover said...

Wonderful give away! Let's see, what ones do I like? All of them! :)

January: Charlevoix
February: Buttercup
March: Collection for a Cause Faith (LOVE that pink!)but I also love Summer Breeze
April: My least favorite month of the four. Love Full Circle, though!

Happy Birthday to Noah! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Sandy A

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh thank you for sharing your joy with us. Here are my favorites.
Jan. Charlevoix Fat Quarter Bundle
Feb.Max & Whiskers Layer Cake DARLING!
March Le Petit Poulet Charm Pack
April Sherbet Pips Jelly Roll

So many great fabrics coming!!!

Regina said...

All are lovely -
January - Chrysalis
February - Oasis
March - dragonfly Summer
April - Full Circle

Thanks for the preview - I know what will be going on my birthday and valentines day and easter wish lists now!!!

sbmeeks said...

Do I really only pick one per month???!!

January - Chrysalis Layer Cake OR Sunkissed Charm Pack --- I can't decide!

February - Max & Whiskers Charm Pack!! So darn cute!!

March - Lily and Will II

April - another hard one to choose!

Wee Folks Fat Quarter Bundle
Sherbet Pips Layer Cake
Hullabaloo Charm Pack

Oh the fabric-y goodness that 2011 brings

ariuna said...

Your lovely boy is definitely worth celebrating :) Congratulations!!

These fabrics are lovely. I could change my mind on my favorites depending on my mood! But right now favorites are:

January - Perennials
February - Oh My
March - Lilac Hill
April - Just Wing It

Rachel's Quilts said...

Wow, what great fabrics - There was 4 in January alone that I love but I was able to pick 1.
January - Fresh Flower
February - Lovely
March - Pom Pom de Paris
April - Just wing it.
I would buy charm packs, layer cakes in any of these and maybe jelly rolls (depending on the pattern).
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Quilt n Queen said...

Happy Birthday Noah.

January - Charlevoie, layer cake
February - Lovely, Jelly Roll
March - Lily & Will II, Fat Eight
April - Sherbet Pips, FQ Bundle

Thanks for the chance to win Origins FQ Bundle:)

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness there are some great fabrics on the way. I picked JAN: Central Park (love Kate Spain), FEB: Lovely, MAR: Pom Pom de Paris, APRIL: Sherbet Pips (so cute). I would love to win this FQ bundle, thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Oh, these are hard decisions. I think I am going to go with

Jan - Sunkissed
Feb - Buttercup
Mar - Lily and Will 2
April - Just Wing It.

Happy Birthday to Noah!! He is a darling boy!!

Emily said...

Oh wow! What a great giveaway. And congratulations on the birth of your new little one. Here are my favorites:
Jan - Dilly Dally
Feb - Max & Whiskers
Mar - Lilly & Will II
Apr - Hullabaloo

ledamewood said...

January - Sunkissed
February - Max & Whiskers
March - Dragonfly Summer
April - Sherbert Pips

Happy Birthday Noah!

Megan said...

Here are my faves:
January: Central Park
February: Oasis
March: Lily and Will II
April: Hullabaloo

I hope Noah's settling in well and adjusting well to home life!!

Alicia said...

Ohh, thanks for the opportunity! Origins is my new favorite! I am totally in love with the greens and yellows and browns.

Jan- Central Park
Feb- Max and Whiskers (Yay more BG)
March- Lily and Will!
April - Just Wing It

Sugarplum Cuties said...

JAN - Dilly Dally
FEB - Lovely
MAR - Lily & Will II
APR - Just Wing It

Dawn said...

Judi your the most generous person... we should be giving to you for the birth of Noah...
I love these..actually it was hard too pick afav, I love them all.
Jan- Sunkissed
Feb- Antique Fair
Mar- Faith
April- Pom Pom de Paris
Love and Blessings
Dawn x x

Linda said...

Thanks what an awesome giveaway. Happy birthday and welcome to the world Noah!
January: Dominique

February: Civil War Reunion (this was the hardest month to choose from because so many were my faves!)

March: Collections for a Cause. Faith (my most fave!)

April: Pom Pom de Paris

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Congratulations on your newest family addition! he is adorable!
Jan~ Charlevoix
Feb~ Buttercup
March~Lilac Hill. I love lilacs!
April~Full Circle but Just Wing It is a very close second. ;-)
Thank you for the fun! I thought choosing fabric would be easy, but there are so many nice ones to choose from that it really wasn't. :-o

Mystica said...

These are tough choices but ok we have to do it!

January : Central Park
February : Buttercup
March : Collection for a Cause
April : Sherbet Pips

Thanks for sharing.

Lisa M. said...

So many fantastic prints coming out! Tough to narrow down but I'll try:

January - Perennials
February - Max & Whiskers
March - Dragonfly Summer (can't WAIT to get my hands on that one!)
April - Just Wing It

Anna @ Fresh Dew Drops said...

Congratulations on your new little one!

I think I have it down to
1/11 - Charlevoix - CP/JR
2/11 - Buttercup - CP/JR
3/11 - Dragonfly Summer - LC
4/11 - Full Circle - CP/LC

mean sarah jean said...

jan-dilly dally
feb-civil war reunion
mar-lily and wil II
apr-full circle

Congratulations. he is adorable!

Jan said...

This is exciting,
Jan/11 - Central Park Fat Quarter Bundle
2/11 - Lovely Fat Quarter Bundle
3/11 - Lily & Will II Fat Quarter Bundle (Yellow)
4/11 - Just Wing It Fat Quarter Bundle

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh wow! Lot's of new fabric coming!
January - Central Park
February - Civil War Reunion
March - Lily & Will II
April - Sherbet Pips
Love Origins!

Char said...

Jan. Central Park
Feb. Lovely
Mar. Summer Breeze
Apr. Just Wing It
To bad I could only pick one!

Natys said...

i love

dilly dally
Lilac Hill
Dragonfly Summer


Duff said...

Jan-central park
feb-Max & whiskers
Mar-nothing looks particularly pleasing (sorry!), but I am curious about the Pom Pom de Paris
April-Sherbet Pips, no doubt about it! (actually, I was looking the entire time, hoping to see it)

Liz said...

January--Sunkissed, February--Buttercup, March--Collections for a Cause, April--Full Circle.
Thanks for the preview! I would LOVE the Origins fabric! I've been wanting it to make a quilt for my bedroom!

Lexi said...

January- Central Park- definitely
February- Oh MY
March- Lily and Will II
April- Hullabaloo

Wendy said...

First, Happiest birthday wishes to Noah!!

Second, thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity!!

Third, boy you're asking a lot! Only choose one for each month ... owe! :)

January - Sunkissed
February - Lovely
March - Rose Parade
April - Full Circle

So many lovelies, so little time! Thanks!!

Regina said...

January - Central Park
February - Oasis
March - Summer Breeze but honestly I wasn't really feeling the March lines
April - That's hard there's a lot of cute ones there. I'll say Hullabaloo

Lee Ann said...

Jan: Hoopla
Feb: Max & Whiskers
Mar: Rose Parade
Apr: Wee Folks

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Noah! I still can't believe you are giving something to US. Shouldn't we be giving something to YOU?
My favorites:
January - Dilly Dally (LOVE Me and My Sisters Designs)
February - Lovely
March - Lilac Hill
April - Modern Workshop (can't wait to see more of this one!)

Sarah Craig said...

Happy birthday, Noah! Thanks for sharing the joy with us!!

So here are my faves - for January, Sunkissed; for February, Max and Whiskers; for March, Dragonfly Summer; and for April, Sherbet Pips. Given an unlimited budget, I'd buy fat quarter bundles of all of these! It was hard choosing, though - there were usually two or three each month that I'd like to get my hands on!

Sarah Craig said...

And I blogged about your giveaway on my blog:


ange_moore said...

Welcome to Noah - finally on the outside!!

And my favourites would be:
January - Sunkissed
February - Max & Whiskars
March - Pom Pom de Paris
April - Sherbet Pips

I'm not sure what type of pre-cut I'd choose though! Sherbet Pips and Sunkissed are eagerly awaited at my house so it'd definitely be a FQ bundle of those, and maybe a layer cake or jelly roll of the others??

Thanks for a great giveaway (and sorry for the rambley comment!!)

Gretchen said...

Big Happy Birthday to Noah!

January - Central Park layer cake (although Charlevoix is great too--I'll probably get both!)
February - Max & Whiskers jelly roll (this is another hard month because I like Civil War Reunion too.)
March - Lilac Hill jelly roll
April--Sherbet Pips layer cake (LOVE this new line!)

Thanks for the super awesome giveaway!

Me aka Supermom said...

What awesome fabrics...

My faves are:
Jan - Central Park
Feb - Lovely
March - Lily & Will
April - Modern Workshop

Get some rest!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a fun way to celebrate the birth of your beautiful baby boy! I guess since we can't hold and cuddle him, the next best thing would be to win a bundle of nice fabric to hold and cuddle!

So here are my picks:

Jan - Fresh Flowers
Feb - Lovely
Mar - Summer Breeze
Apr - Modern Workshop

Fun to see all the different combinations in the comments!

Thanks so much for the chance to win this great prize!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what gorgeous fabrics!
January - Charlevoix
February - Oasis
March - Pom Pom de Paris
April - Full Circle
Thanks for a fabulous giveaway. And Happy "Birth"day to your little guy.

Tracee said...

Oooh so hard to choose.
January: Charlevoix
February: Antique
March: Dragonfly Summer
April: Full Circle

CJ said...

ACK! This is hard! Soooo many great lines coming out.

January - Chrysalis Layer Cake
February - Buttercup Jelly Roll
March - Pom Pom de Paris Jelly Roll
April - Sherbet Pips Layer Cake

Gretchen said...

I blogged about the giveaway on this post: http://stellabellaquilts.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway-at-green-fairy-quilts.html

enjoy your time with baby Noah!

pippirose said...

Fabulous fabrics!
My faves:
Mar--Pom Pom de Paris
Apr--Wee Folks

pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Janet said...

This was hard! January - Dilly Dally, February - Lovely, March - Le Petit Poulet, April 4/11/ Happy Birthday to Noah!

paulette said...

I LOVED 'shopping'...For January definitely Dominique- LOVE it!! For February- Antique Fair, For March- Lily and Will (yellow) and April- Full Circle!! Thanks for the chance to win this sweet little bundle!

Cristina said...

Jan- This month is a tie between Central Park fq's and Charlevoix fq's. Central Park is what I would put in my house, but Charlevoix is where my family is from, and the collection is clearly inspired by the area.
Feb- Max and Whiskers...too cute.
Mar- Pom Pom De Paris
Apr- Sherbet Pips...no question.

jane p said...

Wow, what a fantastic giveaway.
Here are my fave:
January - Hoopla Fat Quarter Bundle
February - Oasis Fat Quarter Bundle
March - Collections for a Cause Faith Fat Quarter Bundle
April - Sherbet Pips Fat Quarter Bundle

projectsbyjane at gmail dot com

Barbara McD said...
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Deb said...

It's so hard to pick something - I want them all, but -
January -Dominque Fat Quarter Bundle
February - Antique Fair Fat Quarter Bundle
March - Pom Pom de Paris Fat Quarter Bundle
April - Hallabaloo Fat Quarter Bundle

spencers said...

So many wonderful choices (some months were hard to choose just one)!

January - Hideaway
February - Max and Whiskers (so cute)!
March - Le Petit Poulet
and April - Just Wing It

Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely give away!

Willa said...

Favorites are always hard!
So what I chose today might not be the choice tomorrow!

April Sherbet Pips or Full Circle
March Pom Pom
Feb Oasis
Jan Java or Charlevoix

Happy Birthday, Mr. Noah!

Barbara McD said...

Ooh - what to choose????

January - Charlevoix

February - Antique Fair

March - Collections for a Cause -Faith

April - Sweet Sixteen

Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Birthday Noah!


kathy said...

Congratulations on baby Noah!

It's hard to choose from the fabrics you have coming but here's mine:

Jan - Charlevoix FQ Bundle
Feb - Antique Fair Layer Cake
Mar = Lilac Hill FQ Bundle
Apr = Full Circle FQ Bundle

Linda said...

Give that sweet new boy a big kiss for me. I miss having a little one around. My baby is almost 27...sigh. I like: January - Fresh Flowers, February - Lovely, March -Rose Parade, April - Sherbet Pips.

Thanks for the chance!

Janet said...

Too many to choose from

January Dilly Dally
Feb Lovely
March Summer breeze
April Wee Folks

Congratulations on your new son.

Tamie said...

Happy birthday to Noah! I love the name. I also love Origins!! Here are my choices. Here's to hoping you get some sleep.

Jan- Chrysalis
Feb- Lovely
Mar- Summer Breeze
Apr- Hullabaloo

Seams Sew Together said...

Congratulations on baby Noah! and Great Giveaway Judy.

So much yummy fabric
Jan- Dilly Dally
Feb - Antique Fair
March - Will and grace
April - Full Circle

Greenville Coupon Clippers said...

Jan Dilly Dally
Feb Buttercup
Mar Lilly & Will
April Full Circle

Amy said...

It was tough narrowing my favorites down to one!

January - Central Park
February - Max and Whiskers
March - Le Petit Poulet
April - Modern Workshop

SewLindaAnn said...

Congratulations on growing such a beauty! Jan: Central Park, Feb: Antique Fair, March: Pom Pom de Paris, April: Sherbet Pips. I've never won (or bought) such a bundle before. This would be amazing.

cabesh said...

Welcome Noah!

Jan- Central Park
Feb- Oasis
Mar- La Petit Poulet
Apr- Hullabaloo

Donna said...

January - Dilly Dally
February - Lovely
March - Dragon Fly Summer (my favorite!)
April - Pom Pom de Paris
Beautiful fabrics, so hard to choose. Thanks for the giveaway!

Happy Birthday to, Noah!

zarina said...

What wonderful news. For the pre-cuts:

january - Sunkissed charm pack
february - lovely charm pack
march - pom pom de paris charm pack
april - modern workshop charm pack

Carol in E TN said...

They are all beautiful, but here are my choices:
March---Pom Pom de Paris
April---Modern Workshop

Kathryn said...

What a wonderful preview. My favorites are:
January - Hoopla
February - Civil War Reunion
March - Collection for a Cause
April - Modern Workshop
As you can see I have eclectic tastes. Kathie L in Allentown

LymeRicky said...

Thanks for the fun giveaway and peek at all the pre-cuts.

My favorites were:

January -- Central Park or Sunkissed, that one was a hard choice!
February -- Oasis
March --Le Petit Poulet
April -- Full Circle.

Carol in E TN said...

I blogged about your giveaway!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...


January - Perennials
February -- Antique Fair
March - Lilac Hill
April-Full Circle

Congratulations on your baby boy.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I blogged about your giveaway.


Lee said...

Jan. - Central
Feb. - Lovely
Mar. - Summer Breeze
Apr. - Just Wing It

all of the names sound so nice! I wish we had summer breezes right now, we just had our first snow dump, yuck

Jen said...

January:Charlevoix AND Chrysalis
February: Oasis
March: Rose Parade
April: Sherbet pips

Briarside Lane said...

Welcome Baby Noah!
This was more difficult than I thought!

January - Perennials
February - Antique Fair
March - Dragonfly Summer
April - Full Circle

Thanks so much for the opportunity!


Monica said...

Too many choices!!!

But if I must...
Jan - Charlevoix
Feb - Max & Whiskers
Mar - Collection For a Cause: Faith
Apr - Just Wing It

Jennifer said...

Congrats with the birth of Noah!
I hope you both are well.

Thanks for the great giveaway!
I'm excited about Sunkissed (January), Lovely (February), Lily & Will...make that SUPER excited :) (March) and Wee Folks (April).

Cheri C. said...

All my favorites are in January BUT... I'll do as asked:
Jan. Central Park (love Kate Spain)
Feb. Lovely
March Le Petit Poulet
April Hullabaloo

BUT if I could have 4 I would take Central park!! Dilly Dally, Fresh Floweres, Sunkissed and go back to Hideaway in Dec. Thanks for sharing... I haven't seen the new stuff coming out. So, this was a treat!!

LT said...

Yay for Novemeber birthdays!
January - Central Park
February - Max & Whiskers
March - Lily & Will II
April - Just Wing It!

Thanks for the giveaway!

bmorerealtor said...

January - Sunkissed
February - Buttercup
March - Dragonfly Summer (sucker for dragonfly anything)
April - Just Wing It

Bobyn said...

January - Chrysalis Jelly Roll
February - Oh My Fat Quarter Bundle
March - Lily & Will II Layer Cake
April - Just Wing It Fat Quarter Bundle

Your cuts are all so gorgeous I can't believe I managed to only pick four. Thanks for the giveaway!

badlandsquilts said...

January: Central Park
February: Oasis
March: Pom Pom de Paris
April: Hullabaloo

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sherri said...

Sunkissed...Oasis...Pom Pom de Paris...and Hullaballoo or Just Wing It...there isn't a "Fabric" photo of Hullabaloo...so I'm not sure...but I always love the Urban Chiks...everything they do is amazing! Happy Birthday Noah!

Nancy said...

Decisions, decisions.

January: Sunkissed
Feb: Max & Whiskers
March: Summer Breeze
April: Modern Workshop

Nancy said...

Shared on FB

Ruth B said...

I agree...excellent giveaway...and beautiful baby boy! The preview of upcoming fabrics was great fun and February was the hardest to choose.
Jan - Central Park
Feb - Antique Fair
Mar - Pom Pom de Paris
Apr - Sweet Sixteen

Hayley said...

Congrats on your little boy! I hope mommy and baby are doing well!

Jan - Sunkissed
Feb - Lovely
March - Dragonfly Summer
April (month of my birthday lol) - Just Wing It

Hayley said...

Posted on my own blog as well


Paula Lynn said...

Way to be born Noah!

So hard to choose....but, if I must,

January - Sunkissed
February - Lovely
March - Rose Parade
April - Full Circle

Thanks for hosting a giveaway!


Jenniffier said...

Jan - (sorry two lines that I really want so)central park and sunkissed
Feb- Buttercup
March-pom pom de paris
April - Just wing it

robin said...

Wow - hard to decide.

Jan. - Sunkissed, charm pack
Feb. - Max & Whiskers, layer cake
Mar. - Full Circle, Fat 1/4 Bundle
Apr. - Just Wing It, Fat 1/8 Bundle

Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway chance! :o)

Judy said...

My favorites -- oh, so hard to decide, but I finally chose
Jan - Perennials
Feb - Antique Fair
Mar - Lilac Hill
Apr - Full Circle
Happy Birthday, Noah!

robin said...

I blogged about your giveaway at: http://quiltyascharged.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway-at-green-fairy-quilts.html

Katie B. said...

Awesome giveaway!

January--tough one. I love Sunkissed, but I'd have to say the Central Park FQ Bundle
February--A charm pack of Max & Whiskers
March--Pom Pom Paris layer cake
April--Sherbet Pips!!!!!!!!! FQ Bundle

VickiB said...

January - Sunkissed
February - Lovely!
March - Lily and Will Yellow
April - Sherbet Pips

Thanks for offering such a wonderful and generous giveaway. Several of the months have some really tough choices!

VickiB said...

January - Sunkissed
February - Lovely!
March - Lily and Will Yellow
April - Sherbet Pips

Thanks for offering such a wonderful and generous giveaway. Several of the months have some really tough choices!

Jen said...

I'm glad you sent us over there...I didn't know that page existed. :)

My faves are:
Jan ~ Chrysalis
Feb ~ Oh My
March ~ Lily and Will II in yellow
April ~ Just Wing It.

That was fun!
Thanks for the chance Judi! And a congrats on your new son!

Lori said...

Congratulations on your new arrival!

My favourites were:
Jan - Sun-kissed FQ bundle
Feb - Max and Whiskers, charm pack
Mar - Lily & Will II Blue Jelly roll
April - Full Circle Layer Cake

Thanks for the chance to win!

Stacie said...

January: Sunkissed
February: Buttercup
March: Rose Parade
April: Sweet Sixteen

Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Birthday Noah!

Karen Wilson said...

I'm another vote for ALL OF THEM!! but here goes... I'm doing them in reverse so I hope that doesn't void my entry ;)
April:Just Wing It
March:Dragonfly Summer
February: Max and Whiskers
January: (this is by far the hardest choice) Chrysalis

Now to save my pennys for a new year order!

Marlene @ KISSed Quilts . com said...

jan - sunkissed - layer cake
feb - lovely fatqtr
mar - lilac hill layercake
apr - hullabaloo layercake

Tough choices actually...several I'd love! :-)

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

You have ordered some lovely fabrics. Here's my favorites:
Jan. Fresh Flowers
Feb. Lovely
Mar. Le Petit Poulet
Apr. Just Wing It
Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Birthday Noah!

Jorie said...

Congratulations on the birth of your son!! Great reason for a giveaway :)

My favorites:
January- Oooh All of them, but I really can't decide between Central Park and Chrysalis
Feb- Dragonfly Summer --Gorgeous!
Mar- Lilac Hill
Apr- Full Circle

brodiefiles said...

Feb-Max and Whiskers
Mar- Lilli and WIll
April-sherbet pips

Fat quarter packs all around!

cathy said...

That wasn't work. Fun but frustrating that we have to wait. Jan. Sun Kissed, Feb. Antique Fair, Mar. Faith and April Full Circle. Looks like I'll be spending some money soon. Can't wait. Thanks for the sneak peak.

Alisa said...

Here goes...
January-Wildflowers IV
February-Dilly Dally
March-Fresh Flowers
April-Sherbet Pips
These were difficult decisions. So many wonderful fabrics. Thanks for the give-away chance.

Vicki ♥ said...

Some really gorgeous fabrics thats for sure and its hard to pick out any favourites.
I particularly love..
Central Park, Charlevoix, Sunkissed
and Buttercup.

Carol said...

January - Dominique
February - Oasis
March - Faith
April - Just Wing It
However, there are lots of other tempting lines.

Kim D. said...

Jan - Central Park
Feb - Max & Whiskers
Mar - Collections - Faith
April - Just wing it
Beautiful fabrics all of them. Thanks for the chance.

SoozeM said...

What a fantastic giveaway, and we get to do something fun too!!
Jan - Sunkissed (sorry Central Park!)
Feb - Buttercup and Lovely equal draw
March - Lilac Hill
April - Sherbet Pips

Béa said...

January: Charlevoix LC, february: Buttercup FQB, march: Pompom de Paris LC & april: Sherbet Pips FQB.
Happy birthday, Noah !XOXO

Lucky-1 said...

January "Central park"
February "Buttercup"
March "Dragonfly"
April "Sweet Sixteen"

But then all of the new fabrics to come are just so yummy.............

Thanks for a chance to win:)

MzRedBrown said...

Jan Sunkissed
Feb Lovely
March Summer Breeze
April Full Circle
I think I'd want them all in Jelly Rolls, but then again maybe Layer Cakes...
Good Luck to EVERYONE!

Bonnie said...

Ooooh such hard decisions:
Jan: Chrysalis jellyroll or Dominque fat 1.4 bundle or maybe sunkissed (I soo can't decide)
Feb: Buttercup layer cake
March: Pom Pom de paris
April: Just Wing it.
All soooo yummy....fantastic.

Sunnybec said...

Lovely giveaway thank you. Oh this was so difficult such fab fabric. Okay Jan would be Charlevoix, Feb, Civil War Reunion, March Pom Pom de Paris (well it has to be as I live in France!!) April was more difficult, but would go for Full Circle. Linda x

Bonnie said...

I have blogged about your giveaway at http://bonnieandthesisterslair.blogspot.com/2010/11/another-gorgeous-giveaway.html

Kriza said...

hard to choose..., but my picks are:
Regent Street Lawn
Full Circle
Lily and Will II

congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby!


jle819 said...

This was a tough decision, but I narrowed it down to my favorites . . .

For January: Sunkissed
For February: Max & Whiskers
For March: Dragonfly Summer
For April: Full Circle

Thank you!

jle819 said...

Just wanted to let you know that I posted a link on my Facebook page! I know some gals that are gonna love this yummy fabrics!

Deb said...

Oh my, this is so hard!!

January: Central Park FQ bundle
February: Lovely layer cake
March: PomPom de Paris Fat Eighth bundle
April: Just Wing it layer cake

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Congrats on the new wee one! Happy birth-day Noah!

Great market research idea... LOL

January - Java Charm Pack (perfect for a table runner!)
February -Civil War Reunion Jelly roll (perfect for a bargello-like quilt!)
March - Le Petit Poulet Charm Pack
April - Wee Folks FQ bundle (fer sure!)

gill said...

January - Chrysalis
February - Lovely
March - Pom Pom de Paris
April - Sherbert Pips


Irina said...

They're all so nice! what a difficult choice:
Jan - Central Park
Feb - Buttercup
Mar - Lilly and Will II
Apr -Just Wing it

thanks for the chance and congratulations again for the birth o such a cutie boy!

Kathy said...

I like Hoopla for January, Max and Whiskers for February and Le Petit Poulet for March. For April I liked Just Wing It the best. They are all so lovely it was a tough choice.
Congratulations on the birth of your son. Up and back at work already, you are a wonder woman!!!

Lilly said...

January: Central Park
February: Lovely
March: Rose Parade
April: Just Wing It

Thanks for the chance.

polly said...

Congrats on Noah!
Jan. Charlevoix Feb. Antique Fair
Mar. Lily & Will II April Wee Folks. Thanks for the chance!

Mary Beth said...

Happy Birthday Mom and Noah!

What lovely fabrics!
Jan- Charlevoix
Feb- Max and Whiskers- too cute
March-Le Petit Poulet
April- tough choice...Pom Pom de Paris, Wee Folks, and Full Circle.

Alfa said...

Happy Birthday!!My favorites are
January: Central Park, fat qurter bundle
february:Lonely charm pack
March: lily and willII jelly roll(blue)
April: sherbert pips, fat quarter bundle

Jenny said...

happy birthday noah!
max and whiskers
pom pom de paris
sherbet pips!

Csigi said...

Hello! I like the most of them, but here are the favourites:
January: Chrysalis
February: Lovely
March: Lily & Will II
April: Modern Workshop
Bye Anita

Dee's Diary said...

Jan: Central Park
Feb: Max & Whiskers
March: Pom Pom Paris (also like Lilac Hill)
April: Sherbet Pips (but wish it was released earlier, might feel out of season by April)

Lovely selection to choose from.

Dee's Diary said...

I shared on facebook http://www.facebook.com/dee1968

Rafael's Mum said...

January - Central Park. February - Oasis. March - Pom Pom de Paris. April - Sherbet Pips.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Lindsey F. said...

Presents on Noah's birthday- what fun!
January - Dilly Dally or Hoopla - I can't decide.
February - Max and Whiskers
March - Le Petit Poulet
April - Wee Folks

ShadyB said...

Since I can't pick all of them (love'em!!!) Here are my absolute favorites:
January - Sunkissed F. Q. bundle
February - Oasis F.Q. bundles
March - Lilac Hill F.Q. bundles
April - Full Circle F.Q. bundles

Each one of them would make such a pretty, happy quilt!!!
Thank you for the awesome giveaway as well!!!

Joanne Lendaro said...

So many pretty ones to pick from...

Civil War Reunion-Feb.
Dragonfly Summer-March
Full Circle-April

Happy Birthday to Noah!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday, little Noah!!! Thank you for celebrating his birthday with a giveaway. I like how you have the dates and photos of the fabric lines on your website. Didn't realize it was there. My favorites are:

Jan. Dilly Dally
Feb. Antique Fair
Mar. Pom Pom de Paris
Apr. Modern Workshop

Love Moda pre-cuts!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Posted on my sidebar...thanks for the extra chance!!

The Fam said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm right behind you! What a blessing, they require a sewing break but so, so, so worth it.

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!!!!

Jan-central park
March-Lily and Will II
April-Just Wing It

KristyLou said...

January - Dilly Dally
February - Oh my
March - Lily & Will II, Blue
April - Just Wing It

Irina said...

hi! I blogged about your giveaway here

Deb said...

Jan - Sunkissed
Feb - Oasis
Mar - Summer Breeze
Apr - Just Wing It

Tiffaney said...

January - Sunkissed
February - Lovely (I really can't wait for this line)
March - Lilly & Will
April - Wee Folks

Sara said...

January: Plume Tula Pink
February:Whimsey Fig Tree
March: Hunky Dory Chez Moi
April: Tweet Tweet Keiki

Jennie said...

Oooh! Lovely giveaway, I agree! I'm drooling over the following Fat Quarter Bundles:

Central Park (January)
Buttercup (February)
Lily & Will II - Aqua (March)
Just Wing It (April)

Thanks for the chance to win!

Diane N said...

Thanks for the FUN giveaway!

January: Dilly Dally or Hoopla (couldn't decide!)
February: Max & Whiskers
March: Lilac Hill
April: Full Circle, Hullabaloo, and Modern Workshop (today I would say I like Hullabaloo the best!)

Christine said...

What a great giveaway! And I love the new lines:

Dilly Dally - January
Buttercup - February
Lilac Hill - March
Hullabaloo - April

Martina said...

This is a great give away! Thanks so much!
My choice:
Jan. - central park
feb. - max & whiskers
march - lily & will II
april - sherbet pips

Darlene said...

Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win.

Jan - Sunkissed Fat Quarter Bundle
Feb - Antique Fair Layer Cake
March - Faith Fat Eight Bundle
April - Full Circle Jelly Roll

Amy said...

Jan: Central Park or Sunkissed (can't make up my mind!)
Feb: Buttercup
Mar: Lily & Will 2
Apr: Full Circle

There is some great ones coming out soon!

Christy said...

Ohhhhh, just one a month, eh? Alright, but it took me awhile to narrow it down!
JAN - Sunkissed jelly roll
FEB - Lilly & Will II charm pack
MAR - Central Park FQ bundle (my birthday month ;) )
APR - Oh My charm pack

pixie13 said...

Jan~Dilly Dally Fat Quarter Bundle
Feb~Civil War Reunion Fat Quarter Bundle
March~Dragonfly Summer Fat Quarter Bundle
April~Full Circle Charm Pack

snippetsandyarns said...

Jan :: Dilly Dally
Feb :: Max & Whiskers (or Antique Fair ~ I love them both and they're too different to choose just one)
Mar :: Dragonfly Summer
Apr :: Just Wing It

It's good I had to pick one from each month, because I wouldn't have been able to choose just one overall!!

~ Meagan
SnippetsAndYarns at gmail dot com

Lisa said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world little Noah!

What fun to see and select from all the newest fabrics. These are my favorites:

January - Sunkissed
February - Collections...Faith
March - Summerbreeze
April - Just Wing It


Denise in PA said...

First of all - Congratulations!! Second, definitely an excellent giveaway!

Okay, it's really hard to choose, but if pressed, I love FQ bundles of:

January - Sunkissed
February - Civil War Reunion
March - Dragonfly
April - Full Circle

Rosa-kreattiva said...

Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
blog creative: http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/

Jan. Dilly Dally
Feb. Lovely
Mar. Dragonfly on Pom Pom de Paris
Apr. Buttercup

Cassie and Lou said...

This is so wonderful! Thanks. My favorites are:

January: Sunkissed OR Dilly Dally
Februrary: Oh My OR Civil War
March: Lily & Will II (Blue) OR Dragonfly Summer
April: Full Circle


Melanie said...

Thank you for the generous give-a-way!!! That's fantastic!

This was a tough request! It was hard to pick which I liked best.

After much deliberation, here goes:

January : I LOVE Dilly Dally with Hoopla being a VERY close second.

February : I am positively enamored with Lovely!!

March : I love Lily and Will II (Blue)

April : All Modern, all the way!

Thanks again for the give-a-way!

Kimmy B said...

thanks for the giveaway!

jan = central park
feb = max and whiskers
mar = lily and will ii
apr = just wing it

Needled Mom said...

Happy BIRTHday, Noah!!

Oh my, the wonderful choices here.
Jan..Fresh Flowers
Feb..Max and Whiskers
Mar..Summer Breeze
Apr..Sherbert Pips

deserae said...

January: Central Park layer cake
February: Max and Whiskers charm pack
March: Lilac Hill charm pack
April: Sherbet Pips layer cake!


Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

I love them all, it was hard to choose.
Lilac Hill
Just wing it

Quilt Monkey said...

This was a tough one!
Jan = Sunkissed
Feb = Buttercup
Mar = Lily & Will
Apr = Full Circle
Thanks for the opportunity!!

Petit Design Co. said...

Blogged over at Quilty Giveaways
It will show up at noon CST

PunkiePie (Jen) said...


Jan - Sunkissed
Feb - Lovely
mar - Rose parade
Apr - Hullaballo

Petit Design Co. said...

Jan- Chrysalis FQ Bundle
Feb - max and Whiskers Layer Cake
March - none (I know I can't believe it either!)
April- Sherbet Pips Layer Cake

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Noah. I Love the name.. We were going to name our son Noah..

Jan-Central Park
Feb- Civil War
March-Dragon Fly
April-Full Circle

Thanks for the give away

Linda said...

I see at least two others with my same palette!
January - Perennials
February - Antique Fair
March - Dragonfly Summer
April - Full Circle
I'm anxious to see all four but Dragonfly Summer really stand out! I'd love to win an Origins bundle - perhaps I need to step out of my comfort zone!!

Mimi said...

This was not easy!! January was especially a tough decision. Here are my choices:
Jan - Fresh Flowers
Feb - Lovely
Mar - Summer Breeze
Apr - Sweet 16
Thanks for the chance - this was not work but a fun giveaway to do!! Beautiful fabric, I am still mopping my key pad from all the drooling!!

Terri. said...

What a great giveaway!
1) Jan - Perennials Fat Quarter Bundle
2) Feb - Antique Fair Fat Quarter Bundle
3) Mar - Lilac Hill Fat Quarter Bundle
4) April - Just Wing It Fat Quarter Bundle

Laura said...

I love them all but here are my choices:

January--Fresh Flowers
February--Civil War Reunion
March--Collections for a Cause
April--Full Circle

Laura said...

I am spreading the word about your site and fabulous give-away on my blog. Thanks for the chance to win such a generous gift.
(and happy birthday to you all!!!)

audrey said...

Such a great giveaway!

January-Central Park (all precuts!)
February-Max and Whiskers (charm pack)
March-Pom Pom de Paris (layer cake)
April-Just Wing It (jelly roll & charm pack)

Happy Birthday Noah!!

jabeybaby said...

So many lovely ones to choose from!
Jan-Sunkissed(all of them)
Feb-Max and Whiskers fat quarter bundle
March-Lily and Will charm pack
April-full circle jelly roll

Lisa M. said...

I posted about your giveaway on my blog:


Have a great day!

lisa said...

jan- dilly dally, either a layer cake or a couple charm packs. (I'd love a FQP but wont fit in the budget)

Feb- I don't feel pulled to any of those, so I am reverting back to jan where I saw sunkised too (is that ok?)

March- Rose parade

April- modern workshop

and just FYI for earlier I think I need some JAVA!!! Oh Santa....

tellad said...

January - Chrysalis
February - Max & Whiskers
March - Summer Breeze
April - Sweet 16
Wow! that was hard! So many others that were close in the running for me! Many, Many projects in the future!!!!! Thanks!
Teri Dingler

James-Linda said...

March-Pom Pom de Paris
April-Sherbet Pips
Thank You


Stitched With Prayer said...

Wow Judi, this wasn't easy...but I think I've narrowed it down to...
Jan - Dilly Dally (FQB)
Feb - Antique Fair (FQB)
Mar - Dragon Fly Summer (FQB)
(this was a tie with
Lilac Hill, LOL)
Apr - Just Wing It (FQB)

A big happy birthday to your adorable Noah and hugs all around for the other little ones.
Thanks for a chance to have this beautiful fabric. By the way, I thought you were supposed to be relaxing...hmmmm???

Lundholm Fam said...

January - Central Park or Dilly-Dally
February - Max & Whiskers
March - Lily and Will
April - Hullabaloo


Lundholm Fam said...

mentioned your giveaway on facebook and then on my blog.

Stefanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Four dogs and one quilter said...

So much for my pledge not to buy anymore fabric! Fat Quarter bundles of all: January- Sunkissed, February Max and Whiskers, March - Pom Pom de Paris, and April - Sherbet Pips.

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday to baby Noah!
January- Dominique
February- Antique Fair
March- LOVE, LOVE Le Petie Poulet!!
April- Full Circle

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Happy Birthday Noah!
Here's my wish list;
January-Charlevoix Fat Quarter
February-Oasis Fat Quarter
March Rose Parade Fat Eighth
April-Hullabaloo Layer Cake

Victoria Paige said...

My favorites are as follows

January - Central Park
February - Max and Whiskers
March - Pom Pom de Paris
April - Just Wing It

Thanks for the giveaway!

Karen said...

What a great giveaway!! So hard to choose but here they are: Dominique for Jan., Buttercup for Feb., Collections for a cause for March and Sweet 16 for April. Thanks Judi, hope Noah is doing great!

Craftstress Kira said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

Feb--Max & Whiskers
Mar--Lily & Will II (LOVE IT!)

Stefanie said...

blogged about it at http://stefanieshappenings.blogspot.com/2010/11/another-great-giveaway.html

(also a link of FB)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Our Busy Little Bunch said...

Central Park, Max and Whiskers, Lily and Will, and Just Wing It. But I have to say, I could've picked a few more just from January ~ looks like a great new release month!!

Sinta Renee said...

Fun to get a peak at all the inspiring fabrics are coming soon! I love Charlevoix, it's nice to see a little refreshing look by M&S. That was jan. For Feb, 3 Sisters- Oasis is another beautiful group. FG has done it again- PomPom de Paris for March, it's just so pretty. and for April the Hullabaloo group looks like a lot of fun for Spring! Great color combos. Thanks for a chance to play and also, congratulations on baby Noah. What a sweet little bundle you have there!!!

Miche said...

Jan-sunkissed fat quarters
Feb-oasis fat quarters
March- dragonfly summer fat quarters
April- sweet sixteen fat quarters

throuthehaze said...

Jan-Central Park
Feb-Maz & Whiskers
March-Lily & Will II
April-Just Wing It

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Pati said...

Happy Birthday to Noah!!! Thanks for letting us help him celebrate!

January - Clarivox
February - Lovely
March - Cure for a Cause
April - Dragonfly Summer

Betty Crocker wannabe said...

Jan- hard to choose between Central Park and Sunkissed
Feb- Lovely
March- Summer Breeze
April- Sherbert Pips

racergirl1313 said...

First, Happy B-day to Noah and congratulations to you and your family!

Here are my picks:
Jan: Central Park Fat Quarter Bundle
Feb: Oh My Fat Quarter Bundle
March:Rose Parade Layer Cake
April: Just Wing It Fat Quarter Bundle

maree said...

Oh boy - where has Noah's first 7 days gone:) Happy happy days to both of you.
And what gorgeous fabrics! My picks are
Jan- Dilly Dally
Feb- Max & Whiskers
Mar-Lily & Willy
Apr- Sherbert Pips

Wandering Minstrel said...

Oh, all of them are so lovely--it's difficult to choose! I would have to go with:
Central Park layer cake for January
Buttercup for February
Summer Breeze for March
Just Wing It for April

Maybe. They're such beauties!

Nanbon44 said...

This was hard, Jan and Feb had so many that I want, March well for me there was just one.. SO

Jan Dominique Charm pack

Feb Antique Fair Layer Cake

March Dragonfly Summer FQ Bundle

April Full Circle Jelly Roll.

Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

Congratulations Judi and welcome Noah! (love his name)
Jan-Central Park
Feb-Pom Pom De Paris
April-Sweet Sixteen
Gorgeous fabric, thanks for the giveaway!

Samelia's Mum said...

Wonderful and generous giveaway.
January - 'Central Park' Fat Quarter Bundle
February - 'Lovely Fat' 1/8" Bundle
March - 'Le Petit Poulet' Jelly Roll
April - 'Hullabaloo' Layer Cake

Wow. It was hard to choose just one for each month. So many beautiful new fabrics coming soon.

Happy birth day Noah. Lot's of babies born around here lately. I think I'm getting clucky.

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