Saturday, August 21, 2010

FREE Honey Buns with every order!!!!

Do you want some FREE Honey Buns?

We're giving away a FREE Honey Bun with EVERY Jelly Roll or Layer Cake, or 2 FREE Honey Buns with EVERY Fat Quarter Bundle, all of which are on sale!!! (that means if you order 6 Layer Cakes you get 6 FREE Honey Buns!!)

Just be sure to enter your Honey Buns of choice into your cart, then enter the correct code from below to remove them - NO LIMIT!!!

For 1 Free Honey Bun enter - honeybun
For 2 Free Honey Buns enter - honeybun2
For 3 Free Honey Buns enter - honeybun3
For 4 Free Honey Buns enter - honeybun4

***Be sure to enter the correct code after you've added your Honey Buns to your cart or we will not ship out your order until it's fixed!!! Also, if you qualify for more than 4 free Honey Buns, enter the code honeybun4 and we will refund the rest for you.

Sale ends on Monday, so hurry!!

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